Living Proof

Wed 13/10/99, BBC1

The Monkey Boy

The Boy Who Lived With Monkeys. The purpose of this series is presumably to show living proof of stories that sound like myths. Sally Magnusson travelled to Uganda to meet a boy who it was claimed lived with monkeys for several years before returning to civilisation. Accompanied by a professor who studies so-called feral children and backed up by a monkey specialist, Ms Magnusson seemed happy that she had proved the story true. Evidence? The boy picked the right monkeys from a book on primates, and after watching him cautiously play with similiar monkeys in a zoo, the specialist declared that only intimate knowledge of the creatures would engender such acceptance. All three seemed to underestimate the possibility that this was the product of a child's love and observation of animals natural to his neighbourhood - or do they just believe that african boys are incapable of such curiosity? **

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