Manhunt: The Search for the Yorkshire Ripper

Thu 30/9/99, ITV
Audience: 7.09m (23rd) BARB


This programme detailing the long and some say incompetent investigation into the Yorkshire Ripper murders of the late seventies made grim viewing indeed. For the first time many of the detectives and scientists involved in the case discussed the methods used and the chances missed. Peter Sutcliffe killed thirteen women, mostly but not all prostitutes, but left very few clues behind. As the murders progressed the scale of the inquiry also grew until thousands of people had been interviewed by hundreds of police officers. Sutcliffe was also interviewed - on nine different occasions. Tyre tracks left by his car provided one clue and yet after interviewing 75% of the thousands of possible car-owners, that line of enquiry was shelved. Sutcliffe was in the last 25%. A 5 note given to the one of the prostitutes before she was killed also pointed to thousands of pay packets, but little chance of spotting which one. Perhaps the biggest mistake was believing the letters and audio-tape sent in by a Sunderland hoaxer was the work of the killer... A disturbing series... ****

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