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The purpose of the Apollo Page, named after the god of music, law and medicine, is to bring together resources for anyone interested in the philosophy of the arts of the imagination, ranging from ancient philosophies of all cultures to modern theories of the imagination and hermeneutics. Its central themes will be metaphysics, myth, poetics and music and their place in civilization.

The site is divided into five main parts.   1. Essays and quotations of high quality which can be downloaded.   2. Links with other web sites with good related resources.   3. Information about lectures, courses and events, usually in the UK. 4. Bibliographies and information or short reviews of publications in the field. 5. Poetry and music sections.

There is a discussion list called Ontos where scholars and anyone interested can explore art, philosophy, myth and music and their place in civilization.  To subscribe to this list go to  When you have submitted your request to subscribe you will receive an e-mail message asking you to give a brief description of your interests and why you wish to subscribe.  You should not be put off by this request.  It is simply a way of making sure that members are genuinely interested.

I look forward to building a community of thought from which we can all learn from one another.  This page was last updated on 28th September 2002.

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Joseph Milne

Essay Collection

The Essay Collection brings together a wide variety of essays from different sources on philosophy and the arts. It is a continually expanding collection. I intend to include some important texts on Indian philosophy and religion.

Included so far is a letter of Marsilio Ficino on Divine Frenzy, a paper on Shakespeare's Hamlet, which was given to the Temenos Academy and is published in Hamlet Studies (Vol. 18, Nos 1 & 2, 1996), an essay on Music and Number and a translation of Ficino's De Sole, and one essay by Swami Ghanananda on manas and consciousness. Click on any of the items below to read now or download to read at your leisure.

Ficino on Divine Frenzy

Hamlet Essay

Music and Number

Ficino De Sole

Music Theory Page

Philosophy Discussion Group
About Ontos Discussion List
Henry George Discussion Group
About Henry George Discussion Group
Teilhard de Chardin Discussion Group
About Teilhard de Chardin Discussion Group
Meister Eckhart Discussion Group
About Meister Eckhart Discussion Group

More Essays And Links

Orpheus & Ficino - Link to Orpheus Web Page

Poetry Page  Poets of Vision

Indian Philosophy: Swami Ghanananda on Manas

Mysticism: Eckhart and the Question of Human Nature (PDF format)

Teilhard de Chardin: The Spiritualisation of the Universe (PDF file)

NEW Ecology Essay: Approaching the Whole

Music Pages

Original compositions of Joseph Milne

The music of Joseph Milne has now moved here

Owing to space limits, two further websites of music have been created at:



 Bibliography of Marsilio Ficino works

 Bibliography of Teilhard de Chardin

Sanskrit Language Page and Texts

NEW Sanskrit Software and links

Quotations Collection

Here is a section for quotations. It consists of significant quotations from the philosophers of the East and West which prompt us to view things more deeply or reflect on them differently. Click on any title to view. Updated October 1999

On The Soul: Plotinus & Dionysius

Avadhut Gita: Chapter 2

Renaissance Understanding of Love

Ramana Mahashi on the Atman

Teilhard de Chardin on Happiness

Bonaventure: Journey of the Mind into God

Lecture on Meister Eckhart

Meister Eckhart: Sermon 45


Marsilio Ficino On Love

Paul Ricoeur on Interpretatin

Teilhard de Chardin on Art

Teilhard on Mysticism

Castaglione: Book of the Courtier IV

Teilhard de Chardin On Creative Transformation

Teilhard de Chardin
The Christic

Links to other Web Sites for texts to download

MA In the Study of Mysticism and Religious Experience

For information on the MA in the Study of Mysticism & Religious Experience at Kent UK click here: MA Degree

Joseph Milne (BA, PhD), honorary lecturer at the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, Fellow of the Temenos Academy, Research Associate, International Institute of India Studies, Canada; special interests include philosophical hermeneutics, theological and philosophical anthropology and in particular Eriugena, Teilhard de Chardin and Paul Ricoeur; Advaita Vedanta, Christian mysticism, religious music and literature; Shakespeare and Christian Platonism; publications include numerous articles on Shakespeare, Meister Eckhart, Advaita Vedanta and Christian Platonism; contributor to Friend to Mankind: Marsilio Ficino 1433-1499, Michael Shepherd (ed.) (1999).

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