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April 2003

New Weight Management Programme at Better Health

At Better Health Clinic, Chester, for some years we have specialised in slimming programmes, and have over a decade of expertise to offer.

We have now developed a comprehensive Weight Management Programme, which provides guaranteed weight loss.   (The programme guarantees weight loss, or your money back.   To qualify for the guaranteed weight loss you need to subscribe to the full programme.)

The success of the Weight Management Programme depends on the use of specialised screening tests, which enables us to tailor the programme to your particular individual needs.   This is coupled with our advanced specialised products that are used in the programme.

Other aspects of the programme includes innovative dietary changes, which encourage weight loss and detoxification whilst minimising hunger.

Another important aspect of the programme is the support and assistance provided during the programme, with specific solutions to common problems such as hunger, sweet cravings, sluggish weight loss, motivation problems, and many others.

There are different levels of involvement in the programme.   The full programme offers a guaranteed weight loss, with your money back if you fail to lose weight.   The minimum level offers an affordable introduction into the programme at £60, which includes products that will last for the first 3 – 4 weeks.   This offer is only available if you attend the clinic.   The programme is also available for people who cannot attend the clinic, as certain tests can be carried out at home.

However, during April, we are offering a discounted introductory registration to the programme at £25 – an amazing saving of £35.

Further information on the Weight Management Programme is available at the Clinic or on the website:  www.betterhealth.ltd.uk .

Special Offer on ‘Slimming tablets’

In conjunction with the launch of our new comprehensive Weight Management Programme, during March we have a special offer on medically prescribed appetite suppressants, with 3 week’s medication for the cost of 2 week’s.

Amino Acid Analysis.

The Amino Acid Analysis is one of the screening tests recommended in the Weight Management Programme

Amino acids are extremely important in many functions of the body, including metabolism, energy production, cell maintenance, repair and growth.   They are therefore extremely important in weight management, as they are involved in carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

The Amino Acid Analysis is also available by itself, rather than as part of the Weight Management Programme, and may be particularly useful for those with neurological conditions, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, headaches, cardiovascular conditions, arthritis and many others.

Amino acids are important in various aspects of these conditions, and any deficiencies or imbalances should be corrected.

The Amino Acid Analysis enables us to provide a customised amino acid supplement based on the test results, which enables the practitioner to correct the levels of amino acids in the body.

The Amino Acid Profile is available at the Clinic for £140, and further information is available from the Clinic or on the website www.betterhealth.ltd.uk .

Metabolic Screening

Metabolic Screening forms a fundamental part of the Weight Management Programme.

This screening test enables us to assess many aspects of the body’s functioning that will have an effect upon weight control.

This includes:  nutritional assessment (vitamins and minerals and other nutrients), hormonal assessment, digestive function and bowel dysbiosis, amongst others.


Special Offer on Metabolic Screening

Metabolic Screening normally costs £140, but will be available for only £70 to all those registering on the  Weight Management Programme in April.


Metabolic Screening is a modification of the Full Body Screening, which is carried out at the Clinic as part of an assessment for many health conditions.

The test is carried out using the BEST Screening System, which is one of the most advanced screening methods available.   A simple probe is used on the skin at certain Acupuncture points, and a series of measurements taken.

A printout is provided, identifying any problem areas.  

Following the test itself, advice is given regarding any treatment recommended to correct the problems found.

Metabolic Screening may be recommended in other conditions in addition to Weight Management Programme.

To book your vitamin and mineral test, or for further information contact the clinic on (01244) 322822.


Better Health specialise in providing a number of advanced nutritional, herbal and homoeopathic medicines.

All are tried and tested, and are based on sound theoretical principles and rigorous research.

AminoBlend is a specialised amino acid blend based on the results obtained from the Amino Acid Analysis detailed previously.

AminoBlend contains a blend of the 8 essential amino acids, together with a number of additional important elements.

The amino acids included in the formulation are:

·       Arginine – required for cardiovascular and other systems

·       Histidine – low levels are associated with rheumatoid arthritis

·       Isoleucine – low levels can cause low blood sugar

·       Leucine – low levels can lead to muscle wasting

·       Lysine – important for collagen synthesis

·       Methionine – important constituent of many chemicals including endorphins, low levels may cause fatigue and hair loss

·       Phenylalanine – low levels can affect thyroid function and neurotransmitter imbalances leading to depression and other neurological problems

·       Threonine – low levels can cause low blood sugar

·       Tryptophan – low levels associated with depression, insomnia and schizophrenia

·       Valine – low levels associated with muscle loss

The actual proportion of each amino acid is determined by the results of the Amino Acid Analysis, and each formulation is blended individually according to the specific needs.

Amino acids have been shown to be of benefits in many conditions, such as metabolic problems, chronic fatigue, weight management, neurological conditions, including depression or anxiety, and many others.

A correct balance of B vitamins, particularly B6, is essential for amino acid metabolism and functioning, together with adequate levels of various minerals, particularly magnesium and zinc.   These should be evaluated when supplementing amino acids.

AminoBlend is normally available at the Better Health Clinic, Chester, for £39.95, and can be purchased by mail order.  

Further details are available on the website – www.betterhealth.ltd.uk or from Better Health Clinic on (01244) 322822.

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