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February 2003

Focus on Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition that affects mainly women, particularly after the menopause.

However, many others are also at risk, as there are other risk factors associated with the condition.

The condition basically causes a thinning of the bone, which becomes less dense, and less strong, and therefore more susceptible to breakages.

Often, the first sign of osteoporosis is a bone fracture caused by a minor fall.   At this stage it is often too late to treat the osteoporosis itself, and the treatment is to limit the damage caused by future falls.

Nevertheless, it is possible to identify the presence of osteoporosis before it has progressed to this stage.

A survey carried out at Better Health Clinic some months ago showed that 93% were at moderate – high risk of developing osteoporosis.

There are tests available that can assess and monitor the condition and also identify those at high risk of developing the condition.

The usual test offered by orthodox medicine is a bone density measurement – either by ultrasound or by other means.   This test measures the degree of osteoporosis that has already developed, and can provide some prediction (based on statistical calculations) as to whether the individual will develop significant osteoporosis in the future.   However, a normal bone density test does not measure with any accuracy whether osteoporosis is developing right now.

There is a different test available, which we offer at Better Health Limited.   This measures the degree of bone breakdown at any moment in time.   This gives an accurate indication of whether there is an excessive degree of bone breakdown at the time of the test.   It will not tell us what is going to happen in the future, but will accurately tell us if osteoporosis is developing right now.

Further information on osteoporosis, the test available, and various products used in osteoporosis may be found on our website – www.betterhealth.ltd.uk .

Special Offer on Osteoporosis Assessment test

During February we have a special offer on the Osteoporosis Assessment, available at £60 instead of the usual £80.

Vitamin and Mineral Assessment – Extension of New Year offer.

Vitamin and mineral assessment is an important factor in the assessment of patients with, or at risk of developing, osteoporosis.

Further information about the Vitamin and Mineral test, including its many uses, and who it may benefit, may be found on our website – www.betterhealth.ltd.uk.

As part of our New Year promotions, we are offering FREE Vitamin and Mineral Assessment.   The normal cost of the test is £45.   Book during February to make sure that you can take advantage of this exceptional offer.

Magnetic Field Therapy

This lesser known therapy is one of the most effective therapies for conditions affecting bones, including osteoporosis and fractures.

In fact, it is the only therapy that has proven effects in reducing the time taken for bone fractures to heal.

Why, therefore, has nobody heard of Magnetic Field Therapy?

We believe that the only reason that Magnetic Field Therapy has not been utilised by conventional medicine is purely due to cost implications.

Special Offer on Magnetic Field Therapy

During February we will be offering Magnetic Field Therapy at HALF PRICE – only £12.50 per treatment!

The use of Magnetic Field Therapy is not confined to fractures and osteoporosis – where it can produce impressive results – but may be used for a number of musculoskeletal (and other) conditions.

It can also be used for conditions such as sinusitis, hay fever, gastrointestinal problems such as irritable bowel, headaches, hormonal and period problems, and many other conditions.

Further information about the Magnetic Field Therapy is available on our website – www.betterhealth.ltd.uk.

This is what many of our patients have said about our treatment regimes for a number of conditions.   Magnetic field therapy has been an important part of our treatment for these conditions:

“Sceptic at first though after only two sessions I felt a big improvement.   My sense of smell returned, my sinuses cleared up and I cancelled my operation due to the success of the treatment.”

 - LS, Wrexham, with sinus problems

Better Health also provides a number of advanced nutritional, herbal and homoeopathic medicines, and these are recommended if required.   They are extremely effective in correcting deficiencies and may help also with a number of health conditions and symptoms.

To book your Magnetic Field Therapy session, or for further information contact the clinic on (01244) 322822.

J59 Herbal Formula

Better Health specialise in providing a number of advanced nutritional, herbal and homoeopathic medicines.

All are tried and tested, and are based on sound theoretical principles and rigorous research.

J59 is a herbal formulation designed for helping with osteoporosis.

The herbs included in the formulation are:

  • Horsetail - Equisetum arvense

  • Gotu cola - Centella asiatica

  • Black Cohosh - Cimicifuga racemosa

  • Milk Thistle - Silybum marianum

  • Fenugreek - Trigonella foenum-graecum

Horsetail contains silica, which is an important constituent of connective tissues and bones, and has traditional use in the restoration of the health of various tissues including bones.

Gotu cola has benefits as a ‘tonic’ for the whole system, particularly the adrenal gland, which is important in balancing the hormones and is of particular importance in osteoporosis.   It also has important tissue healing properties.

Black Cohosh also has an effect in balancing the hormones in the body, and is particularly useful in women, as it has a strengthening effect upon oestrogen.   It also has important anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties.

Milk Thistle is included in this formulation for its beneficial effect upon the liver, which has important role in processing hormones and maintaining the normal balance of the hormones.

Fenugreek has a traditional use in connective tissue disorders and has traditionally thought to have a stimulating effect on bone healing.

Combining these herbs synergistically in this formulation, it is no wonder that this product has gained a good reputation for use in osteoporosis.

J59 Herbal Formula is normally available at the Better Health Clinic, Chester, for £12.50, and can be purchased by mail order.

Special Offer on J59 Herb Formula for Feb

                    -  3 for the price of 2

 Further details are available on the website – www.betterhealth.ltd.uk or from Better Health Clinic on (01244) 322822.

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