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January 2003

New Year, New Start – Slimming at Better Health

Many people plan a new start in the New Year, and after some weeks of festivities, eating and drinking, it’s a good time to start a new slimming regime.

At Better Health Clinic, Chester, we have specialised in slimming programmes, and have over a decade of expertise to offer.

We have a wide range of treatment options, complementary, alternative and conventional.

Our medical doctor is on hand to provide medical assessment and treatment with conventional appetite suppressants.   There are a number of newer drugs available these days, in addition to the well-established centrally-acting appetite suppressants.

However, many people these days prefer to use more natural means of losing weight.

At Better Health Clinic, we also have specialists in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and there are a number of therapies and natural medicines that can help lose weight.

The strength of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and the secret of our success, is in this synergistic combination of various treatment modalities under the supervision of our experienced practitioners.

Therapies such as Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture or Colonic Hydrotherapy can be of great benefit in slimming programmes, and these – in addition to many other therapies – are available at the Clinic.   More information may be found on our website – www.betterhealth.ltd.uk.

We also produce a number of specialised products – herbal, homoeopathic and nutritional – that may be extremely effective in slimming programmes, and some may work in a similar way to the conventional appetite suppressants available.

Special Offer on ‘Slimming tablets’

During January we have a special offer on medically prescribed appetite suppressants, with 3 week’s medication for the cost of 2 week’s.

Also during January, we offer FREE REGISTRATION for new patients.

Colonic Hydrotherapy – NEW YEAR OFFERS

Colonic Hydrotherapy has always been used in detoxification programmes and can be effective also in slimming programmes.   Of course it is also used in a number of health conditions, and has many benefits for the skin, digestive system, and many others.

Further information about Colonic Hydrotherapy, including its many uses, and who it may benefit, may be found on our website – www.betterhealth.ltd.uk.

We have always provided up to date treatments at the Clinic, and Colonic Hydrotherapy is no exception.   We use the most modern equipment available, unlike many other clinics that use an outdated ‘gravity feed’ method basically using a tank and a tube!   Modern devices provide sanitary conditions together with comprehensive safeguards that are not possible using the ‘gravity feed’ treatment methods. 

We also have experienced practitioners, and our Colonic Hydrotherapist is also a registered nurse with many years of experience.

As part of our New Year promotions, we are offering Colonic Hydrotherapy at £30 instead of the usual price of £35.   Further reductions available if you book and pre-pay for a course of treatment.

Vitamin and Mineral Assessment

A nutritional assessment forms a fundamental basis in the assessment of most health conditions.

It can also help as part of a programme to lose weight.

Often when people are deficient in any vitamin, mineral or other essential nutrient, the response of the body is to feel hungry, and that hunger remains unsatisfied.

This leads to weight gain that is difficult to control.

During 2003 we will be offering a nutritional assessment to everyone starting a slimming programme at Better Health Clinic.


Special Offer on Vitamin and Mineral Test

The vitamin and mineral test normally costs £45, but will be provided free of charge to all those starting a slimming programme in January.


This offer is not confined to those visiting the Clinic for slimming, but is available to those attending for any other reason, either for other therapies or a consultation.

Further information about the Vitamin and Mineral test is available on our website – www.betterhealth.ltd.uk.

The test is carried out using the BEST Screening System, which is one of the most advanced screening methods available.   A simple probe is used on the skin at certain Acupuncture points, and a series of measurements taken.

A printout is provided, identifying any vitamin, mineral or any other nutrient that is deficient in the body.  

Following the test itself, advice is given regarding supplementation to correct the deficiency.

Better Health also provides a number of advanced nutritional, herbal and homoeopathic medicines, and these are recommended if required.   They are extremely effective in correcting deficiencies and may help also with a number of health conditions and symptoms.

To book your vitamin and mineral test, or for further information contact the clinic on (01244) 322822.

DMG Formula

Better Health specialise in providing a number of advanced nutritional, herbal and homoeopathic medicines.

All are tried and tested, and are based on sound theoretical principles and rigorous research.

DMG Formula is an advanced formula designed for slimming.

This combination of herbs has been commercially available as ‘Zotrim’ for some months, and has had extremely good reports in the press.

The herbs included in the formulation are:

·       Damiana – or Turnera diffusa

·       Mate – or Ilex paraguarensis

·       Guarana – or Paullinia cupana

Damiana has reputed effects as an aphrodisiac but also stimulates the nervous system and is a thymoleptic – increasing the body temperature and metabolic rate.

Mate is a national drink of Paraguay and Brazil and is a stimulant to the brain and nervous system.   It is also a general tonic and helps with physical tiredness and exhaustion.   What we all need after Christmas!

Guarana is a legendary sacred fruit of the Amazon Indians and is used as a popular stimulant drink throughout South America.   It is a nutritive, anti-stress revitaliser or tonic, boosting the hormones through the adrenal gland.   It also has reputed effects as an aphrodisiac.

Combining these stimulating effects synergistically in this formulation, it is no wonder that this product has gained a good reputation for use, especially in slimming regimes.

With its other beneficial effects, perhaps you should be slipping it into your partner’s food also for good effect!   Start the New Year on a high note!

Seriously though, because of the stimulating effect, and the presence of natural caffeine in the herbs, this formulation should be avoided in those with heart disease and high blood pressure, and also overactive thyroid.

DMG Formula is normally available at the Better Health Clinic, Chester, for £15, and can be purchased by mail order.

Special Offer on DMG Formula for January

          Single tub - £11

          Or 3 for the price of 2

Further details are available on the website – www.betterhealth.ltd.uk or from Better Health Clinic on (01244) 322822.

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