Updates prior to 04/17/99

Blake Stone new page created. (Blake Stone)

BlakeWlf updated, new levels increased to 5. (shareware/new section)

Chokage review amended. (registered/new section)

Clone Wars/Wolf_3d posted. (registered)

Dark Star/WolfBonk versions updated to 1.4. Original versions deleted. (shareware)

Deadline posted.(other games)

ftp.cc.umanitoba.ca site description changed, due to it's Wolf3d section being removed. (links)

Gary Ragland banner added. (banners)

Gravenstein posted. (registered/new section)

Jonathan Wilson page link added. (links)

Nazi's Ride Again updated with a new version, bug removed. (shareware/new section)

Schoolenstein posted, due to deletion of Spiff's page. (shareware)

Spear of Destiny Fan Club link added. (main)

Spear of Destiny section transferred to a separate page. Four new level sets posted. (Spear)

Wolfmm posted. (shareware)

WVisio2 posted. Levels were changed around from WolfSF2, and original VSWAP added. (shareware/new section)

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