(April 2001/March 2002)

04/07/01 The Inner Circle posted. (Spear)

04/12/01 Mutantstein 3 posted. (registered)

04/15/01 WOTH II updated - levels (registered)

04/21/01 OPERATION: Zusammenkunft posted (registered)

04/21/01 Fortress Wolfenstein banner posted (banners)

04/21/01 Wolf3D Webring logo posted/links ameded - now working (main/links)

04/28/01 Vyperstein posted (registered)

05/01/01 James Wolf 3D Page/CHAOS Software/Vyper 3D Site links added (links)

05/04/01 The Tribute posted (registered)

05/16/01 Dungeon Cephalis posted (registered)

05/16/01 Several Wolf3D site links deleted. No longer working (links)

05/25/01 Gorenstein 2 posted (registered)

05/27/01 Wolfwall posted (s/ware)

06/01/01 Chemical Reaction posted (Spear)

06/01/01 Several Wolf3D site links added/deleted. Major update (links)

06/08/01 The Road To Despair posted (registered)

06/15/01 James' Coding Club link added (main)

06/15/01 From Schabb's Hand link added (registered)

06/24/01 Yet Another Wolf3D Club link added (main)

06/30/01 From Schabb's Hand posted (registered/acorn)

06/30/01 Cheats info updated (Acorn)

07/02/01 The New Evil posted (registered)

07/07/01 World War III posted (registered)

07/07/01 Several Wolf3D site links added/deleted (links)

07/13/01 Several Other Games links added/deleted (other games)

07/13/01 Escape ! link added (registered)  

07/26/01 The Sorcerer's Wrath posted (registered)  

08/01/01 MpSodLev posted (Spear)  

08/01/01 Neophyte of Wolfenstein link added (main)

08/05/01 Fearwolf posted (registered)  

08/12/01 The Road To Despair updated (registered)

08/12/01 Wolffred posted (registered)

08/12/01 John Bucksnort/James Ingham Wolfsites links updated (links/banners)

08/19/01 MH Wolf add-ons link updated (links/shareware)

08/19/01 5th/Operation: - Kill BJ/TFS 3.0beta posted (registered)  

08/25/01 Operation: Scorpion posted (registered)

09/02/01 Operation Kingpin/Fredwolf/Wolf3d version 1.1 shareware/Cuetips Revenge posted (registered/shareware)

09/02/01 Tom's Wolf 3D Page link added (links/banners)

09/11/01 Wolf3D BlakeStone Duke Yahoo Club link added (main)

09/14/01 Neophytes of Wolf3D/Spear Yahoo Club link added (main)

09/16/01 The Last Floor posted (registered)

09/16/01 So You Wanna Be An Assassin posted (Spear)

09/22/01 Mac Links majorly updated (Mac links)  

10/06 /01 The Heinmakker Project/Zusammenkunft/WolfUSA posted (registered)

10/06/01 RTCW/Wolf 3D Fan Club link added (main)  

10/16/01 Yahoo Fan Clubs some links added (main)

10/16/01 Links section several links updated/deleted/added (links)

10/26/01 Armageddon/The Road To Neuschwanstein posted (registered)  

11/12/01 Mutantstein IV/New Wolf posted (registered)

11/17/01 The 13th Floor posted (registered)

11/21/01 Web Ferret updated (main)

11/24/01 Heil Hitler!!/Episode Four posted (registered)

11/28/01 Closer/Project: Weltuntergang posted (registered)

12/01/01 The SS Gonna Get You/Project Vertilgung posted (registered)

12/01/01 Spear Resurrection link added (registered)

12/29/01 The Dome opens. Link added (main)

01/06/02 Festung/Mission One posted (Spear)

01/13/02 Spear Resurrection posted (Spear)

01/13/02 Wolf3D Odyssey posted (s/ware)

01/14/02 Wolf3D Realm link added (links)

01/14/02 Himmler's SS posted (registered)

01/19/02 Wolf3D Chamber link removed - club deleted (main)

01/19/02 The Tower link added (registered)

01/25/02 Castle Wilhelm/Perfect Darkenstein posted (registered)

02/01/02 Sector 27 New Demo posted (registered)

02/07/02 Hitler's Maze Of Death/Wolf: SE/Rising Evil posted (registered)

02/07/02 Adolf Hitler's Revenge maps patch posted (registered)

02/14/02 Woltendo posted (s/ware)

02/19/02 Wolf3D Prison/Wolfenstein Pentagon links added (links)

02/22/02 Kill Hitler/Sector 27 (Ten level version) posted (registered)

03/02/02 Project: Weltuntergang (6 episode version)/Pineapplestein posted (registered)

03/02/02 Search For Osama posted (mac scenarios)

03/04/02 PG's Wolf3D link amended (links)

03/06/02 James Coding Club/Spear Fan Club links amended (index)

03/09/02 Spear Of Destiny "Arielus" posted (Spear)

03/17/02 Wolf3D "Arielus"/Missing In Action posted (registered)

03/24/02 Christmas Of Arielus posted (s/ware)

03/30/02 Now Or Never!!/Wolf Reborn/General's Clone posted (registered)

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