(April/June 99)


04/17/99 Updates page created, with a link from the main page. (updates/main)  

04/17/99 Gravenstein 2000 posted. Updated later in the day with secret level elevators inserted. (registered/new section)

04/17/99 Gravenstein and Gravenstein 2000 link added. (Acorn)

04/17/99 Changes made to the Schabbs Resurrection review and link. (registered)

04/17/99 Nazi Invasion review added/link to Gary's page. (shareware)

04/18/99 New Mapedit7.1 editor link added. (utilities)

04/18/99 NEW tags removed from older Wolf3D page links. (links)

04/18/99 BlakeWlf updated. New levels increased from 5 to 7. (shareware/new section)

04/20/99 UltDem posted. (Spear)

04/21/99 Additional download link added to UltDem review. (Spear)

04/21/99 RTDDem posted. (Spear)

04/23/99 Unsightly border around logo (2nd one down from top) removed. (main)

04/25/99 Astrostein (by Spifferaneous) posted. New section created. (registered/new section)

04/25/99 Freakenstein posted. (shareware)

04/26/99 Pinball 2 posted. (other games)

04/27/99 Astrostein (by Spifferaneous) review extended. (new section)

04/27/99 Operation Body Count posted. (shareware)

04/28/99 BJ Hideout links amended. (links/banners)

04/28/99 Ground Zero News logo added. (banners)

05/01/99 Alexei A. Frounze Homepage link/screenshot added. (extras)

05/01/99 Mapedit 7.2 posted. (utilities)

05/02/99 SweetSOD posted, link to Gary's page added. (Spear)

05/02/99 Wolf3D/Spear Manuals link added. (extras)

05/02/99 Wolf3D/An I.D. Classic page link removed. No longer working. (links)

05/04/99 Screenshots added/replaced. (various)

05/07/99 BlakeWlf new versions posted. All levels now completed. (shareware/new section/Acorn)

05/08/99 My Own Wolfenstein Page (T. Hubert's) link added. (links)

05/08/99 Amendments made to some level reviews. (registered/shareware)

05/10/99 Conflict In The Fatherland review/link added. (registered)

05/10/99 BJ Rowan's Wolfenstein Bunker link added, plus banner. (links/banners)

05/12/99 Wolf Stuff link and description amended, due to site reorganization. (links)

05/13/99 Wolf3d World link added, plus banner. (links/banners)

05/15/99 Marty Beltran banner added. (banner)

05/15/99 60levelsmb posted. (registered)

05/16/99 Spear of Destiny page updated, new screenshots added. (Spear)

05/16/99 Gorenstein posted. New page created with review and link on the main page. (registered/new section)

05/16/99 Hamez link amended. (links)

05/16/99 YzSOD posted. (Spear)

05/17/99 Gorenstein description amended, due to a bug. (registered/new section)

05/17/99 Alex's SOD Page link added (links/Spear)

05/20/99 Gorenstein updates posted. Bug fixed. (registered/new section)

05/20/99 Nuclearenstein posted. This was previously 60mblevels. Now has more new levels. (registered)

05/22/99 Newflr posted. (Spear)

05/23/99 Chris's Game Page/Raven's Dungeon deleted. Not working. (links)

05/23/99 Gorenstein section now called Sam's Wolfenstein Page. His other add-ons to be included here. (Sam's Wolf Page)

05/23/99 Technostein posted. (registered/Sam's Wolf Page)

05/24/99 XmasWolf screenshots added. (shareware/new section)

05/24/99 Hodge Podge 3D posted. (registered/Sam's Wolf Page)

05/26/99 Halloween screenshots added. (shareware/new section)

05/28/99 GorensteinII posted. (Spear/Sam's Wolf Page)

05/28/99 Alexstein posted. (registered)

05/29/99 Spiff's page link updated. XWolf page link added. (links/banners)

05/30/99 Beltran posted. Original link removed (was no longer available there). (registered)

05/31/99 Oceanstein, and screenshots posted. Now has 3 new levels. (registered)

06/01/99 NuclearStein new version posted. More modified graphics. (registered)

06/01/99 Nate Smith links updated. New URL. (registered/banners/Acorn)

06/02/99 NuclearStein new version posted. Two more levels added, now has 12 levels. (registered)

06/03/99 Brandon's Source Code Help Center link added. (extras)

06/04/99 Wolfm2 posted. (registered/Acorn)

06/05/99 The Renovation review and link added. (registered)

06/06/99 The Apogee Temple links removed. No longer working. (links/Blake)

06/09/99 Alternative frames/small sections version of the complete page posted. (various)

06/10/99 Deep Dragon's Wolf3D Page link added. (links)

06/10/99 Armageddon review and link added. (registered)

06/11/99 Nedstat counter installed. (main)

06/15/99 WolfMaps posted. (extras)

06/15/99 Wolfenstein 3D Part 2: The Nuclear War posted. (registered)

06/16/99 Wolfenstein 3D Part 2: The Nuclear War updated. Now contains 2 new levels. (registered)

06/17/99 Beyond Wolfenstein. Review and link added. (registered)

06/18/99 The Sliver - Homepage link added. (links)

06/18/99 WolfBel3 news update added. (main)

06/23/99 The Nazi's Ride Again. Acorn compatible version posted. (Acorn/new section)

06/25/99 Hitler's Revenge. Review and link added. (registered)

06/27/99 WolfBel3 news update amended. New screenshots added. (main)

06/27/99 Don 8000 's Wolf3D Page link added. (links)

06/27/99 Deep Dragon's Blake Stone Page link added. (Blake)

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