(July/September 99)


07/02/99 GTIS link updated. (links)

07/02/99 Myles Castle Dukenstein link added. (links)

07/03/99 Five Days of ID link added. (links)

07/04/99 John's Wolfenstein Page link added. (links)

07/06/99 Sam's Wolf Page added to frame strip, with an extra link on non-frames page. (main)

07/07/99 ADemise posted. (registered)

07/08/99 Beyond Wolfenstein 2 link added. (links)

07/10/99 ftp.ea.com link added. (other games)

07/11/99 WolfBel3 news update amended. (main)

07/11/99 NuclearStein and Wolfenstein 3D Part 2: The Nuclear War new versions posted. (registered)

07/13/99 Super Stevenstein link amended. (registered)

07/13/99 Sam's Wolf Page email link and news update added. (Sam)

07/14/99 Future Gorenstein posted. (registered/Sam)

07/14/99 Schabb's Resurrection link removed. Now at Wolf3d World. (links/banners)

07/15/99 Wolfenstein Forever link removed. No longer available. (links)

07/15/99 Brandon's Wolfenstein Utility link added. (links/utilities/ banners)

07/15/99 Titus II Wolfenstein Page link added. (links)

07/17/99 Beyond Wolfenstein II. Review and link added. (registered)

07/17/99 Data5x Games Page link added. (other games)

07/18/99 Neowolf Acorn version posted. (Acorn)

07/18/99 W3d_ccs no gore version posted. (registered)

07/18/99 Wolf 3d Part 2 updated (modified mutant). (registered)

07/18/99 Future Gorenstein temporarily removed at Sam's request while modifications are done. (registered/Sam)

07/18/99 WolfBel3 news update amended. (main)

07/20/99 The following links have been removed (no longer working): ftp.uwp.edu mirror/John's Wolf Page/Sunsite.doc.ic.ac.uk. (links)

07/22/99 Chokeman37's Extreme Wolf-Site link added. (links)

07/24/99 Five Days Of ID link removed. No longer working. (links)

07/25/99 WolfBel3 news update amended. New screenshot added. (main)

07/25/99 The Joystick Interview links added. (links)

07/26/99 Gary's Wolfenstein 3-D Page. Link to his new page added. (links)

07/29/99 MoreSod posted. (Spear)

07/29/99 Gravenstein3000 posted. (registered)

07/30/99 WolfTrap's Source Code Tutorial link added. (extras/links)

08/01/99 Several add-ons, which were previously on Gary's Page, now posted on my server. (registered/shareware/Spear/Acorn)

08/04/99 MH's Wolf3D add-ons page link added. Spicestein3D Page link removed. (links)

08/05/99 WolfBel3 news update amended. (main)

08/10/99 MMS and Operation Termination posted. (registered)

08/12/99 BarBlitz posted. (registered)

08/12/99 Nurnberg and Screamstein review/link added. (registered)

08/13/99 Kurt's Project Wolfenstein page link added. New banner added. (links/banners)

08/15/99 Graphics Set posted. 83 items designed by Ken O' Brien. (utilities)

08/16/99 Wolfenstein 3D News page posted on Demon server. (Demon)

08/16/99 Marty's Funpack #1 (compilation of 3 ZIP's) posted. (registered/Demon)

08/22/99 Eat At Joes (info on new Wolf3D TC) page link added. (links/Demon)

08/23/99 Close Combat Demo posted on Demon server. (Demon/registered)

08/25/99 Operation: Panzerschiff added review and link. (registered/links)

08/25/99 Graphics Set 3 posted. 50 items designed by Ken O' Brien. (utilities)

08/31/99 Matilda search engine logo added. (links/Demon)

09/01/99 Berkut Club and Web Page link added. (links)

09/01/99 Wolfenstein 3d News link added to frame strip (frames)

09/05/99 WolfBel3 news update amended. (main)

09/06/99 Pillsbury Doughboy Fan Club link added. (main)

09/06/99 Maarten's Gamorama link added. (links)

09/08/99 Links section new intro added with link to banners. (links)

09/10/99 SOD1 posted. (Spear)

09/12/99 Non-frames page section links cleaned up. (main)

09/12/99 WLFbel3 posted. (main/Demon)

09/13/99 Nurnberg/Screamstein links fixed. (registered/links)

09/17/99 Wolfenstein 3D Universe link added. (links/banners)

09/17/99 Wolfenstein Goodies link removed. Now included in Operation: Panzerschiff link. (links)

09/18/99 Schabbs Resurrection link updated. (registered)

09/22/99 WolfenCHAT link added. (links)

09/22/99 WolfStuff link removed. Site content no longer Wolf3D related. (links)

09/22/99 Ultimate Wolf3D/Spear Page link removed. No longer working. (links)

09/23/99 Interview with Rumble link removed. No longer working. (links)

09/23/99 Top 50 Sites link added. (links)

09/25/99 Wolfenstein 3D Mansion link added. (main)

09/26/99 Gem's Game/Jumbo links added. (other games)

09/26/99 Source Code Club link added. (links)

09/26/99 MAC links page started. (MAC links)

09/27/99 AlexStein updated. Now 3 new episodes, plus other new Boss levels. (registered)

09/27/99 Hitler's Reign posted. (registered)

09/27/99 Screamstein 3D review/link added. (shareware)

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