(October 99/March 00)

10/01/99 The Sliver page link/banner updated. (links/banners)

10/01/99 1st.zip posted. (Spear)

10/03/99 Hitler's Reign review amended to reflect similarities to Schabb's Resurrection. (registered)

10/05/99 Home Page completed. Link added to main page. (main)

10/06/99 Ultimate Wolfenstein posted. (registered)

10/06/99 Hitler's Reign new 10 level version posted. Original version deleted. (registered)

10/10/99 Wolf3D Mansion Fan Club logo added. (main)

10/12/99 GZ News link updated. (links/banners)

10/16/99 2nd.zip posted. (registered)

10/16/99 Red Alert review and link added. (shareware)

10/18/99 BJ Rowan's Bunker links updated. (links/registered)

10/18/99 Wolf3D World links updated. (links/registered)

10/21/99 Wolf3D Mansion link deleted. No longer working. (main)

10/23/99 WolfChat posted. (extras)

10/24/99 Mo'Slo link added. (utilities)

10/29/99 All About Games/Tools for Wolf3D links deleted. No longer working. (links)

10/30/99 Updates extra page added. (updates)

10/30/99 Project Totengraeber review and link added. (registered)

10/31/99 Contents section redesigned. (main)

11/02/99 Contents section redesigned again. (main)

11/04/99 Acorn/PC differences transferred from main page to Extras. (main/extras)

11/04/99 CMapset1 posted. No longer available from original site. (shareware)

11/06/99 Don 8000's Wolf3D Page/Wolfenstein 3-D Level Center links deleted. No longer working. (links)

11/07/99 Wolf-Extra review added. (registered)

11/07/99 Poet's Wolfenstein Page link added. (links)

11/13/99 Elite Gamers Fan Club link deleted. No longer working. (other games)

11/14/99 FloEdit link added. (utilities)

11/16/99 Maarten's Virtual Adventure link deleted. No longer working. (links)

11/19/99 SDMedit posted. (utilities)

11/24/99 wolf link added. (links)

11/24/99 Escape from the Labyrinth posted. (registered)

11/24/99 MegaDemo (from FLOedit) link added. (utilities/extras)

11/24/99 Sam's Page/News item added. (Sam)

11/25/99 MPwolf posted. (registered)

11/26/99 Wolfenstein 3-D Domain banner replaced. (banners)

11/27/99 Behind The Lines posted. (registered)

12/01/99 Gamespot link deleted. No longer working. (links)

12/02/99 Beyond Wolf2 (Special Edition) link added. (registered)

12/02/99 Unrealnation.net link amended. Now at planetunreal.com. (links)

12/02/99 Creating New Levels section added. (extras)

12/02/99 Site Search Engine added. (main/links)

12/03/99 MegaDemo link added. (registered)

12/07/99 Gary Ragland's pages descriptions amended. (links)

12/09/99 Doomsten link removed. Duplicated file - thanks to A.Nonymous for pointing this out. (registered)

12/10/99 Home Page URL amended. (main)

12/10/99 WLFbel3 updated version (now with 40 new levels) posted. (main)

12/12/99 Wolfenstein 3D Lair PC link added. (links/banners)

12/14/99 Operation Buzz Bomb posted. (registered)

12/14/99 Wlfnewgr2 posted. (new 1.4 version sent by A. Nonymous). (shareware)

12/15/99 Wlfset14 posted. (new 1.4 version sent by A. Nonymous). (shareware)

12/17/99 Wolfenstein Plus link added. (links)

12/17/99 Rotzi posted. (registered)

12/18/99 Andrew's SOD Cheats/Codes link deleted. No longer working. (links)

12/21/99 Wolfbel alternative download posted. Original AOL site unreliable. (main)

12/21/99 Screamstein2000 link added. (shareware)

12/21/99 Nurnberg link removed. No longer available. (registered)

12/22/99 Meuchelmord posted. (registered)

12/23/99 Hamez link deleted. No longer working. (links)

12/23/99 Wolfenstein3D Games Page link added. (links)

12/26/99 Project X link added. (links)

12/28/99 Kurt's Project Wolfenstein link renamed Project Wolfenstein. (links)

12/28/99 Return To Wolfenstein link added. (registered)

01/01/00 Olemann's Wolf3D Site link added. (links/banners)

01/05/00 THE sliver page link updated. (links/banners)

01/08/00 Wolf-swe posted. Original download site no longer available. (shareware)

01/08/00 Wolfenstein In Sweden/Wolftrap's Tutorial deleted. No longer available. (links)

01/09/00 Wolftrap's Tutorial reinstated. Available again. (links)

01/09/00 Hint Manual for Wolf-Extra link added. (extras)

01/09/00 Brandon's links amended. (banners/extras/links/utils)

01/11/00 Xenu Link Sleuth link added. (main)

01/13/00 Spiff's page description updated. (links)

01/14/00 Cheats section added. (extras)

01/14/00 SCheat.bat/WCheat.bat posted. (extras)

01/15/00 Mortal Kombat posted. (registered)

01/17/00 Wolf3D Shrine page link updated. Thanks to The Sliver for this info. (links/banners)

01/20/00 Western Wall I link added. (registered)

01/23/00 'Stand Alone' levels listed separately. (registered)

01/23/00 Greg's Wolfenstein 3D Page link added. (links)

01/24/00 Golden Eye posted. (registered)

01/26/00 Wolf Page renamed Dead Animals Smell Bad. (links)

01/28/00 The Wolf 3D Fan Club link updated (main)

01/30/00 Cool Wolf posted. (registered)

01/31/00 Brandon's links amended. (banners/extras/links/utils)

02/03/00 Some add-on/links reviews edited. (registered/shareware/links)

02/04/00 Cheats section revised. More cheats added. (extras)

02/06/00 WLFbel3 updated. Now has 46 new levels. (main)

02/08/00 Guy's Home Page link added. (links)

02/08/00 Jim's Wolf3D/Spear Page link deleted. No longer working (links)

02/09/00 Guystein review and link added. (registered)

02/11/00 Wolf_2 posted. (shareware)

02/12/00 SR's Wolf posted. (registered)

02/15/00 Wolfenstein Domain link updated. (links/banners)

02/16/00 No Place To Hide posted. (shareware)

02/19/00 The Wolfenstein 3D Mansion link added. (links)

02/19/00 WLFbel3 updated version (now with 50 new levels) posted. (main)

02/22/00 SR's Wolf2 posted. (registered)

02/25/00 Maps for Spear/Lost Eps. links added. (Spear/extras)

02/27/00 Wolf3D Domain (mac section) link updated. (Mac links)

02/27/00 Wolf3D News banner added. (banners)

02/27/00 Cheats section updated. (extras)

02/28/00 Spear of Destiny page link added. (links)

03/03/00 Wolf3D for Windows link updated. (links)

03/03/00 Cool Wolf updated. (registered)

03/05/00 Operation: Knightwolf posted. (registered)

03/06/00 Astro Core page link added. (links)

03/10/00 The Ultimate Wolf3D Site link added. (links)

03/11/00 Ken's Labyrinth (full version) link added. (other games)

03/11/00 Ken Silverman's Official Home Page link added. (extras)

03/11/00 Windows 98 section added. (extras)

03/12/00 Wolf-Extra II link added. (Spear)

03/14/00 Future Of Nazi posted. (registered)

03/18/00 Limited Wolf 3D Fan Club link added. (main)

03/18/00 Wolf-Extra II Hint Manual link added. (extras)

03/19/00 Games From The God link added. (links)

03/19/00 Wolf3d1.0 posted. (shareware)

03/19/00 The Final Assault link added. (shareware)

03/19/00 Trial By Fire/The Crumbling Reich links added. (shareware)

03/19/00 Spacestein posted. (registered)

03/20/00 Web Poll added. (main)

03/20/00 Spear Of Destiny page link deleted. No longer working. (links)

03/21/00 Spacestein updated. (registered)

03/22/00 Wolfenplum posted. (shareware)

03/25/00 Terror Returns posted. (registered)

03/28/00 Operation: Knightwolf updated. Now version 1.7. (registered)

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