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Here's your chance to buy one of NINE copies I have of my great pictorial masterpiece, The London Bus Diary 1991/2, my review of the said years.

The year 1991 was a controversial and eventful year in the history of London's Buses. OK, you could say that about every year since 1987, with industrial relations, the politics of it and route tendering taking hold, but 1991 was arguably the year when the two-year-old London Buses subsidiaries really began to stand alone.

The subsidiaries did their own thing, ordered their own buses (as long as approval from 'on high' was granted) and standardisation disappeared, if it hadn't already.

See and read the reasons why London Forest didn't survive long enough to get bought by one of the big companies. See the route revision scheme that expanded the area of Wandsworth into Central London and beyond. . . and see the bus pensioned off to the London Transport Museum at the tender age of five!

The London Bus Diary 1991/2 originally retailed at 9.50, but it can be yours for just 6.00. To order a copy, send me an E-mail asking me to reserve one, along with your address - I'll E-mail you back with my postal address to which cheques should be sent. (Sorry, no postal orders /credit cards /cash.) Your book will be despatched first-class on receipt of the cheque.

Here are more books /videos you can buy - if you'd like to buy one or more, ask me to reserve one by E-mail as detailed above.

BOOKS: The London Bus Diary 1991/2 by R. J. Waterhouse     Copies in stock: 9. Mint condition.         6.00
Bus Monographs 6: Leyland Titan PD3 (Stewart J. Brown)     Copies: 4. Mint condition.         3.00
The Later Years of Metropolitan Steam (H. C. Casserley)     Copies: 5. Mint condition.         3.00
London Transport Buses and Trains since 1933 (J. Glover)     Copies: 7. Good condition.         2.00
Britain's Railways By Night (Marsden /Morrison)     Copies: 2. Mint condition.         6.00
The Illustrated History of Seddon Atkinson Trucks and Buses (Baldwin)     Copies: 1. Mint condition.         6.00
LPTB Rolling Stock 1933-1948 (Hardy)     Copies: 2. Good condition.         3.00
Tramways Remembered - East Anglia /East Midlands /Lincolnshire(Oppitz)     Copies: 2. Mint condition.         6.00
Bus & Coach Recognition Municipal Operators (Lane) Published 1988     Copies: 6. Mint condition.         2.00
I have one or two other titles as well, please E-mail with queries.                
VIDEOS: Metropolitan /District Lines Driver's Eye View     2 in stock         10
Rolling Stone. Class 59 locos based at Whatley Quarry, Somerset.     4 in stock         10
1066 DC: Hastings to Charing Cross Driver's Eye View     2 in stock         10
Chiltern Take Two - Driver's Eye Marylebone - Banbury     4 in stock         10
Ffestiniog and Conwy - Driver's Eye Porthmadog - Llandudno     3 in stock         10
Steam on 35mm - 30's, 40's, 50's     3 in stock         10
Steam on 35mm (2) - 30's to 60's. Approx half is shot in colour.     Just the one         10
Buses of Red Rover /Northampton /Chester /Newport in early 70's     5 in stock         10
Buses in Derby /Hastings /Eastbourne /Worthing /Reading, early 90's     1 in stock         10

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