Hi, My name is Paul Crossley, I live near a town called Rochdale, North East of Manchester, England and this is my web page. I used to be on Industrial Placement at Daresbury Laboratory from Huddersfield University, but now I'm in my final year taking Computing and Mathematics. If you want to know more, then check out my Me page.

For the odd sound clip, then check my sound page...I may extend this page sometime, I just haven't got around to it yet.

If all you are interested in is links, then you are one sad individual...but not to worry, I have a links page to satisfy your craving...and yes, it's a crap link page with only one good link...to my friends page...but have a look anyway.

If you like Roxette (which everyone should), then you'll like my Roxette page, with a few pics and a few sounds and it is worth having a look.

But, if it is comedy you like, then you can't get much better than The Mary Whitehouse Experience...this page has some clips...hopefully more when I get around to it.

And finally, you haven't found what you want...so there's only one more place to look and that's my other page...

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Last Revised : 10th July 1999

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...as it turns out, actually a very interesting number