by A. Gubler




The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is the military arm of the Australian government. It has final responsibility for ensuring the defence of Australia and her interests. The ADF is a unified military force that makes no distinction between sailors, soldiers, airmen and spacemen. While Australia is not a superpower like France or Manchuria it is amongst the second string of star-faring nations that explore space for humanity and carry the burden of defending the species from alien aggression.




For 400 years the words Anzac and digger have been synonymous with military excellence. These nicknames for the Australian soldier have become to represent Australian martial spirit. In this short time, by global standards, Australian soldiers, or defenders have taken part in over 100 military actions and wars. From the colonial adventures of the British in the 19th century to deploying to the Incan Republic/Brazilian border in 2278 to squash the burning of the Amazon forests by Incan militias and now fighting the unfathomable and merciless alien Kafers for the very existence of humanity. Yet for this unsurpassed martial history Australia has never initiated a war of aggression, another feat almost unmatched in human history. Australian defenders are known across Earth and the worlds of human space as keepers of the peace. They are tough and unforgiving to combatants but friendly towards civilians and always willing to lend a hand to war-torn communities. The troops of the ADF are currently on deployment to five different peacekeeping missions. These range from the lawless highlands of the Cental Asian Republic to the simmering metroplexes along the Franco-Flemish border and exotic worlds tens of light-years from Earth. In the words of the official Australian historian of the Great War, C.E.W. Bean, Anzac stood for, “reckless valour and a good cause, for enterprise, resourcefulness, fidelity, comradeship and mateship.” Friend and foe alike have assessed them as men-at-arms perhaps equalled but never surpassed. In many ways they are certainly different…


From Australian Defence Forces: The Quadcentennial, Australian Government Press, Newcentre, January 2301




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