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Issue 32 INDEX
March 2003

Dameeon Jordan Co-ordinates our Drug Rehabilitation Programme.

Drug Rehabilitation can make a difference to people’s lives. As the drug rehab co-ordinator I see how our clients can change and come to a deeper knowledge and understanding of themselves and the people who surround them.
Editorial Father McCartney, Editor, introduces the 32nd issue of Edges
I Started Taking Drugs Through Boredom Paul has just recently completed stage one of our drug rehab programme
Alcohol Has Always Been A Problem For Me Tony shares his thoughts
Its Hard To Stay Off Drugs - BUT I'm Determined My name is Gavin Barnes just coming back to Thomas
Abusive Lies & Battered Wives An article by Dianne Scwartz
The Death of Myra Hindley An article by Elaine Kennedy
Pam Fawcett is our Mentoring co-ordinator and Prison Link.

As the Prison Link worker and mentoring co-ordinator I see on a regular basis people who want to change their lives. We offer a residential drug rehabilitation programme. Ex-offenders coming out of HMPs Preston, Lancaster, Haverigg and Kirkham can directly access our model of care.
The Ultimate Taboo Phillip shares his story
The Stigma Of Mental Illness William Little is the Press & Public Affairs Officer for the Mental Health Foundation
Does Prision Work An article by the Editor of Edges
The Vulnerability of the Rich An article by the Editor of Edges
Poetry Page Paul Cullen shares his poetry with Edges
Smashed At School Darren is currently in our residential programme
Thomas Inclusion Project Details about this project
Aids In Africa TackleAfrica speaks to Edges
A Long Struggle David updates Edges on his journey
Guatemala Diary Sandra keeps Edges up to date with her work
Edges Around The World Mountain Voices from Nepal & Ethiopia
Christmas a time of hope An aricle by Ann Slater
Elaine Kennedy facilitates our Social Interaction Module with clients.

I believe everyone has a creative intelligence; by developing that you boost self esteem. This is achieved by encouraging our clients to develop the use of logic and imagination so that they can cope with life in a positive way and not regress to violence

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