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Well, they deserve a page of their own. First I will show you lots of pics of my Baby, Ms Jessica. We bonded well when she was a tiny kitten and I was a greasy teenager. I would stay up late messing around on the puter, Fluffy Jess would get sleepy, shimmy up my legs and go to sleep on my lap under the puter desk. Can we a have an *ahhhhhh* please?

The black thing next to Jess in the first pic is Ebony the Rabbit, Ebony was a house rabbit so came and went as she pleased within the house, she had also had two litters of babies and was very maternal, so she took this fluffy little kitten as her adopted baby. Jess then had a little identity crisis, she thought she was a bunny, afterall her "Mum" was. After a few sickies of rabbit food she got the idea.

Me and the kitten having a little Cleopatra moment. Kinda spoiled with the greasy spotty forehead, ah well...

I paid for that one - she told me to sleep with an eye open after putting a daft knotted hanky on her head, I thought it was cute, she did not!

It was one of those days for Jess "Oh, I can not work with these ameteurs!"

She doesn't fit under the desk with me anymore but she will throw everything out of the shelf so she can get some decent kip.

Yes, she is in a rabbit hutch, maybe she didn't quite get over her identity crisis

Jess loves Christmas! Having a rumage in the suitcase with all the tinsel and baubels is grand fun!


And now to the boys! Don't get me wrong, the boys are wonderfully humanised fluffy little bumpkins, it's just that they don't photograph as well as Ms Jessica, not that I would tell them that to their little furry faces!

Teddy on the left and Tommy on the Right. Ted, like Jess enjoys a nice enclosed spot to have a snooze, regardless if there is some thing in the way. He even sleeps on the heater, he did so so much last year that he went bald around his collar area. Not blessed with brains that one - chases his tail too, I think he must be a dog.

Tomas is the basket brings home all sorts of tasty treats. Mice, rats, blue tits, finches, fish and frogs, he brings them in, made sure you've seen what a clever boys he is and then gobbles it all up with special effects crunching noises too! Lovely.

Here are the boys when they were tiny little fluff balls. As you can see, the camera is absolutely terrifying! eeek!