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Just some pics of my family, let me introduce....

These cheeky monkeys. My youngest neice and nephew, Amber and Oliver. Notice in the colour pics they have red eye, that's not the camera - they are little demons in very cute disguises!

Me and my Dad, the first one is the lounge area of a restaurant where we had this year's "Work Do". Dad and I work for the same company the "A&T" (see the main page) where I am in the second photo sat next to a window that has a hole in the frame and lets the draft in!

These folk are from left to right, Dave (brother in law), Charlotte (neice), Jeremy (nephew), Abigail (eldest sister) and Dad (dad). They came down for Christmas and young Jeremy showed himelf to be quite the little chef with a splendid bananananana trifle, not many 14 years olds will set foot in the kitchen let alone make something fancy like a trifle!