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Here are some people, these are their names, in red, Louise - have known her for as long as I can remember. I guess we met at infant school, could even have been playschool, a long, long time anyway. In orange, always in orange is Andy, Louise's Fiance, he is very tall. In blue, Naomi, known Naomi not quite as long as Lou, Naomi had the nickname at school of The Snail, no matter how organised she was she always mangaed to turn up late for lessons, still don't know how she did it. All three of these peoples like climbing, something that rather scares me so I only occasionally spectate from the nice safe ground.

Chums at the Calshot climbing wall, Belinda, me, Andy, Sarah. As I said I spectate and take photos, they try to get me up the wall but I am pasive in my defence, I wear the highest heels I own so I can not possibly go up the wall! ;-)

This blurry impression is Sarah, who doesn't like her photo taken and isn't afraid to show it, so I should jolly well think myself lucky! Anyway this was taken on the weekend between Christmas and New Year, a freezen bloody cold, wet, windy even hailing - we went, with others, for a hike/walk along the Swangage clifftops. With the severe risk of being blown off the cliff and dashed into the sea we gave up and headed for the nearest pub. After being plyed with mulled cider (yum) I took the photo but the lens steamed up!

Ladies from work, left to right: Judith, CC, Margaret, Jackie and Margaret2. CC was leaving to go to Germany to work, so this was her leaving do at the chocolate tea shop in town. CC, aka Cecilia, is Italian and speaks both English and German fluently and worked as a reporter at the "A&T". Lovely, bubbly and very, very loud!