Chase The Bitch


50            Queen of Spades

5              1 - 9 Hearts

10            10 - King Hearts

15            Ace Hearts               


The entire pack is dealt out to the players, and each player then chooses three cards to be passed on to the player on his left. Scoring cards are usually chosen as the cards to be passed on, i.e the hearts suit. The only card that can not be passed on is the Queen of Spades, otherwise known as the Bitch.

The aim of the game is to have the lowest score at the end, so players must try to avoid winning the trick cards (the Hearts), and at all costs try to avoid winning the Bitch (Queen of Spades). Each player puts down one card, and the player who puts down the highest card wins the round. If any hearts are present in the pile, they will score against the player. There is an exeption to this rule, which is that if a player manages to win all of the hearts and also the Queen of Spades, that player can then either reduce his score to 0, or double everyone else's score. If though this is done on the first round of the game then 290 points are added to that players score.

Play then continues with the player who won the last round going first.

A heart is classed as a Trump card and will therefore win the round, unless a higher trump card is put down. The game will continue until players have run out of cards, at which point, the players scores are totalled and writted down. The cards are then dealt out again and play continues. An agreed maximum score is set at which point the player who reaches it first will lose.