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This is an index for the QL User supplements
which were published in Your Spectrum
from issue 2 (Mar'84) through 7 (Sep'84).

Issue 2

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Issue 3

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Issue 4

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Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 7


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Issue 2 II Sir Clive makes the Quantum Leap
Leapfrogging the opposition, Sir Clive's new micro looks set to crack the business computer market wide open. Innovative, stylish and powerful - and that was just the press conference! Sue Denham was there to bring you a blow-by-blow account of the excitement as Sinclair Research ceremonially unveiled its latest creation.
IV On Balance
QL may not stand for Curate's Egg, but whatever the 'media-speak' surrounding Sir Clive's professional offering, naturally the new machine has its pros and cons. Quentin Lowe gives us some first impressions.
VII Kewneat Emptor
If you want to be first in the queue for a QL, hear what the scourge of the personal computer world, Guy Kewney, has to say.
Issue 3 80 QL News
While rumours abound, QL User checks out the truth behind the add-ons currently being advertised for the QL.
81 Around the Houses
More over-the-fence gossip from Ron Smith on the support expected from the software houses. With tongues wagging throughout the industry, Ron Smith, software sleuth, tracks down the rumours to their source and tries to answer the question on everybody's lips - just who has got a QL?
82 Soft Sells
Quentin Lowe examines Psion's freebie software packages for the QL - with annotated screen pics! The old story that software sells computers is taken to heart on the QL where the four Psion packages that come with the machine provide serious business tools at a home micro price. Quentin Lowe has a look at the software that maketh the machine ...
84 Holy Structures ... it's SuperBasic
What are the possibilities for structured programming on the QL? Andrew Pennell takes a peek at the provisional manual and reveals all ... Zap, Pow, Blam ... just when you thought it was safe to get back to unstructured waters, along came the Cambridge Joker in his QL-Mobile with a surprise present - SuperBasic - to threaten an imprecise programming world. Andrew Pennell battles to explain ...
86 SinclairWatch
QL delays, Motorola 68008 chip, Advertising Standards Authority
Issue 4 11 SinclairWatch
QL delivery problems
39 Steering to Success: The QL Roadtest
The sordid practice of pre-announcement has again gripped our hearts, and Sinclair are once more laughing all the way to Fort Knox. But to keep the interest ticking over during The Big Wait our ever-smiling micro Guru stuffed a company Mercedes full of eager journalists and whisked them over to Cambridge for a day's play with a QL. Quentin Lowe tells the tale.
Issue 5 43 A Process of Philosophy
Why did Sinclair Research abandon its favourite processor when starting development of the QL? Answers to this question and others inside. The difference between the Z80 and the 68008 processors is one of philosophy, contends Simon Goodwin, and not just a matter of a few extra bits.
47 QL News
Spectrum emulator for QL, Delivery rumours, 4QL peripherals (Quantum Leap Systems)
47 SinclairWatch
QLs finally arrive, Misleading advertising, Price changes
Issue 6 51 QL News
QL User appears each month within the pages of Your Spectrum. Look out for the 'Complete Dossier' edition - in the shops now! QL User: The Complete Dossier, The Sinclair QL Companion, Demise of the QL 'kludge'.
51 SinclairWatch
Psion software problems, SuperBasic errors, QL manual errors.
52 The Psion Writers
If you subscribe to the motto, "It's the software that maketh the hardware", then Psion have a lot to answer for. Surya asked the authors of the QL's bundled software, Charles Davies (Archive), Martin Stamp (Quill), Martin Brown (Easel) and Colly Myers (Abacus), what they'd set out to achieve.
Issue 7 72 Circe
'Putting the record straight' on the QL, Sinclair Research meets with the press at the Carlton Tower Hotel. Roger Munford. Sinclair Research breaks the time-honoured tradition of 'never having to say sorry' over lunch at the Carlton Tower Hotel. Roger Munford reveals the proceedings.