Arts Theatre, London 15/10/06
Klondyke Club, Manchester 14/10/06
Arts Centre, Brentwood 16/09/06
Tibet Benefit, London 4/05/06
Palma de Mallorca, Baleares 18/12/04
Gent Festival, Belgium, 23/07/04
Boom Boom Club, Sutton 28/05/04
West End Centre, Aldershot 27/05/04
Komedia, Brighton 24/05/04
Bransome Railway Hotel, Poole 22/05/04
Borderline, London 21/05/04
Melle, Belgium 05/03/04
Venlo, Holland 04/03/04
UK November Tour 2003
UK Summer Tour 2003
Dutch and Belgian Gigs March 2003
UK Autumn Tour 2002
San Francisco and Los Angeles May 1998
Kevin and the Wizards, Live Radio Session, Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio One FM 2/1/95
Kevin and the Wizards, Picket, Liverpool 16.12.94
Gong's 25 Anniversary Party - October 1994
Kevin and Marvin - Cafe Musique, Lillers, France . 26.10.94
Brief news of Hasselt, Belgium December 27 1993
Ayers and Daevid Allen, Cleveland USA November 12 1993
Waterbury and Boston Gigs March 1993
Interview and Toronto Gig 25 Feb 1993
Gig at Rochester, NY 24 Feb 1993
News of First American Tour in 13 Years!
Pictures of the Autumn 1992 trio
Gig in Strasbourg April 1992
News from gigs in Austria November 1992
Three dates in Holland November 1992
Acoustic duo tour of Japan, June 1992
Shaw, London 30.04.92
Shaw, London 28.04.92
Dortmund and Bonn 21/22.04.92
Paris 15.04.92
Memories from the Purple Jumper, Whole World 12 November 1970
Another Purple Jumper from Spring 1970
The Purple Jumper - Hyde Park Free Concert with The Whole World July 18 1970
Another Purple Jumper from Autumn 1971


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Hux releases BBC Sessions CD 17/10/05
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'California Alive' CD Announced
'Island Years' reissue July 2004
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Free CD with June 2003 'Uncut' magazine has Ayers track
Soft Machine BBC Radio 1967 - 1971 Archive Release
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Interview with Jo Murphy (Hux Records)
'Still Life' 10th Anniversary Reissue
'Singing The Bruise' on double audiophile vinyl
Ollie Halsall's 'Caves' CD
Kevin and Wizards' Live 1995 Set From Waterman's, London, released February 2000
Starvin Marvin Band CD - Kevin Songs
Ultramarine 'Hymn' Release
Two Hux archive BBC releases in 1998
Two more bootlegs + vintage Wilde Flowers
'Days In Ibiza' and 'Songs For Modern Hippies'
Cover Version of 'Lady Rachel' from Paul Roland
Review of Bootleg CD Spanish Banana
Review of Bootleg CD Sweet Dreamer
CD Reissue of Lady June's Linguistic Leprosy
Windsong BBC In Concert 1972
Still Life With Guitar Released
The Missing Still Life Musician Details
Review of Still Life


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Facelift Magazine launches website Feb 2006
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