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Profile - Tom McNally

Tom McNally was born on Saturday 9 January 1943 in the city of Liverpool and raised in the working class district of Kirkdale. He left school aged 16 and had numerous jobs all of which had something or other to do with the sea. From 1960 to 1964 he worked as a fisherman on deep sea trawlers but eventually decided to return to education. He enrolled, as a mature student on a four year BA (Hons) course at Liverpool Polytechnic. After graduating he worked as a lecturer at the polytechnic itself.

'Vera Hugh I' in Puerto Rico 1993

Tom, though, grew restless to return to his solo yachting and it was then that he made a world record his dream. Tom is a gritty determined Liverpudlian, and once his mind was made up there was no changing it, and the seed of his Atlantic Challenge was sown.

He is determined to regain his world record, in spite of peoples disbelief and criticism.... "This attempt", says Tom "means pushing my own barriers of endurance to achieve a record to be proud of. Many have said that it is stupid to subject myself to such isolation and discomfort - my response is that it will be over in 12 weeks or so - for some people isolation and discomfort can last a lifetime."


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