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What is CBD?
  • compared with traditional manufacturing
  • compared with traditional software development
  • innovation or hype?
What is CBD good for?

How does CBD alter the software supply game?

What is the UML good for?

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Growth of web services. The advent of web services represents an important stage in the transition of software into tradeable commodities.  Software componentry involves a separation of the external services (the "commodity" that provides value to the consumer) from the internal mechanism. Web services takes this separation one step further - so that the mechanism itself is hidden, and the consumer pays for the services rather than the mechanism.
Web Services
Growth of telecoms. While the software industry follows the drama being played out by IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Sun, the telecoms companies are quietly staking out an important position.
Open Distributed Processing
Growth of biological metaphors.  Software components (including so-called intelligent agents) are released into a giant (global) ecosystem.  Some move about and reproduce themselves (like animals).  Some remain stationary and disseminate copies and links to themselves (like plants). 
Component Ecosystems
Extending 'plug-and-play' into the business arena.  Constructing solutions from ready-made building blocks (plug-and-play) seems very attractive, not just for software, but for whole business operations. 
Component-Based Business
Convergence of engineering and economics.  Proper system of metrics - linking engineering characteristics with ecological success and commercial value.  Option pricing and the hedonic pricing model may be applied to software components.

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Myths of Component-Based Software Engineering

veryard projects > cbse > myths

The primary task of CBSE is to build software components. Wrong. The whole point is NOT to build components. Not-Building leads to Not-Testing, Not-Maintaining, Not-Monkeying-Around.
Trust and security can be achieved by installing trustworthy components. Wrong. Trust and security are system-wide properties, and are not localized in a single component.
A software component satisfies a unique specification. Wrong. If a component satisfies a given specification, it also satisfies all weaker specifications. 

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Typical Services

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We provide a range of consultancy services.  For example:
Introduction We can introduce CBD into your software process. 

We can focus your software process on achieving software economies of scale.

Investigation We can investigate CBD opportunities for your business processes or software provision. 

We can identify and evaluate your options within the software supply chain.

Assessment We can assess your plans, projects, systems and organizations from a CBD perspective.
Education & training We can provide training in CBD and related topics.
Execution We can provide planning, analysis, design, testing and other development services.

We are happy to work with a variety of CBD methods.
Our preference is for the SCIPIO method.

Please contact us to discuss further.

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White Papers and Other Materials

veryard projects > cbse > materials

Richard Veryard is now a regular contributor to the CBDi Forum.  Please visit for access to more recent material.
Component Design (HTML) connectivity, flexibility, availability, quality, economies of scale, pleasure May 1999
Component Ecosystems (HTML)

The context for CBD

components, encapsulation, reuse, plug'n'play April 1999
Component Requirements (HTML)

Understanding Business Requirements in terms of Components (Acrobat file)

Defining Requirements for Software Components (Acrobat file)

requirements April 1999
Software Component Quality (HTML) quality, testing February 1997
Component-Based Development for Y2K and Euro(HTML) CBD, Year 2000, Euro January 1999
CBD and ODP Briefing (Acrobat file) January 1999
moreSCIPIO white papers


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Books on Software Components

veryard projects > cbse > books

amazon uk
John Cheesman & John Daniels

UML Components
A simple process for specifying component-based software

Addison Wesley, 2000

buy from buy from Amazon uk
Desmond D'Souza & Alan Cameron Wills 

Objects, Components and Frameworks with UML:
The Catalysis Approach

Addison-Wesley, 1999

buy from buy from Amazon uk
Paul Allen & Stuart Frost 

Component-Based Development for Enterprise Systems:
Applying the SELECT Perspective

Cambridge University Press & SIGS Books, 1998

buy from buy from Amazon uk
Richard Veryard 

Component-Based Business: Plug and Play

Springer 2001

now available now available
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Books on Project Management

Other Books

more Object Oriented Books
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