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The Book of Original Star Trek Fiction

edited by Jane Seaton

Contents: Page:
Pretty as a Picture 1
The Incident Aboard the Thurber 2
Three Strikes 3
Sex and Drugs and Romantic Love Lynn
Kidnapped (all chapters now available!) Teegar Taylor and Jane Seaton
The Meeting Diane Randle
Would You Serve? 7
Spirit of Health or Goblin Damned 8
Lucky Pavel and the Three Virtuous Maidens of Gdansk Teegar Taylor
Captains and Officers Rea
A Wicked Twist of Fate Rea
It's About Time Glenice
Surrender 13
Here Be Dragons 14
Subsequent Events 15
The Special Promotion 16
First Love 17
Tomorrow Never Comes Liz Aris and Lynn Buckley
What If? 19
Friend In Need Jane Seaton and Teegar Taylor
The Medical Kit 21
First Degree Murder 22
The Way Home 23
Baccanalia 24
Suggested pro novels 25
Christmas stories 26

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