What does Leckie1uk do in Saudi Arabia ?

>Well, contrary to popular belief amoungst a lot of the chatters that know me, I actualy do get around to getting some work done. I am contracted to British Aerospace as a electrical instructor on the Panavia Tornado GR1 for the Royal Saudi Air Force. "Your a what ??" I hear you all say :o) I teach Saudi Arabian technicians the finer art of fast jet fixing. If you want to see what a Tornado looks like and find out a bit about it, have an look here.

I do this fast jet fixing at the King Khalid Air Base, just outside Khamis Mushayt town. I can't show you any photos of it as I'd get shot or, worse, have my head lopped off. Let me just say that it's very big and has a lot, a lot, of airctaft there. As well as the Tornado's I work on, we also have some F15's and the Apache attack helicopter. I think thats about all I can get away with here I think. So thats all your getting :o)

Map of Saudi ArabiaThis is a map of Saudi Arabia, dah ! :o) If you look at the West coast, find Jeddah. Thats the International airport I land at before getting my hopper flight to Abha, which is just South of Jeddah. Then, if you move your finger a little to the right from Abha, you'll see Khamis Mushayt. Got it ?

We're fairly lucky in that the Weather is quite pleasent compared to most of Saudi Arabia. Being that we are at 8000ft on top of a mountain, we do sometimes get rain and the temperatures aren't as outrageously high as they are in some places.

Being a fair skined Scot, the sun and I don't get on that well together. So I have to buy loads and loads of sun block and I have lots and lots of baseball caps to wear. It's just to hot to do any "sunbathing", as all you tanned peopel call it, as all you try to do is get out of the suns way and open another bottle of water :o)

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