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Simone Weil - Y Forwyn Goch

sioe :

Y Forwyn Goch - portread o Simone Weil

awdur / author:

Menna Elfyn

cyfarwyddwr / director: Bethan Jones

cynllun / design:

Eryl Ellis


Betsan Llwyd / Victoria Plucknett / Carys Llewelyn / Gwyn Vaughan / Richard Elfyn / Eryl Phillips


adolygiadau / reviews:

"Simone Weil was asexual, anorexic and argumentative but she also admired Charlie Chaplin. Betsan Llwyd's remarkable central performance brings out her stature as a writer and thinker but also her struggle against ideological systems, which distort the individual in favour of systemised thought patterns.
Llwyd presents Simone as a woman made physically ill by her studies, wracked with migraines, her foot twitching, and hunched up against the cold of the interrogation centre. Her imaginary conversations with the likes of French leader Charles De Gaulle are intercut with her reminiscences of her mother, who projects another struggle in Simon's life - her refusal to conform to the demands of family and domesticity"
Penny Simpson

dyddiadau / date:

Gorffennaf - Awst 1992