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Welcome to our website about our Chief Scout Challenge. On this site we will explain about what the challenge was, and what we had to do to get it.


1) We had to be, between 14 and 15 years of age.
2) We had to plan and carry out an expedition in unfamiliar country over 3 days including at least 2 nights out of doors.
3) Carry out at least one practice expedition which should include 1 night out of doors.
4) To plan and carry out a project over the 3 days of the expedition.
5) After completing the project, present a report to our troops and/or other interested parties.  


Richard Dellow   
Darren Storey
Robert Ellis
Rory Johnston
Richard Makepeace
Robert Russell
Jude Chapman

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Start Date: Friday 30th April
Finish Date: Monday 3rd May

The Area

County Durham


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Scout Net

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1st Gretton Scout's Home Page



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