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Issue 37 INDEX
Apri 2004

Editorial Father J McCartney introduces issue 37
Prison & Drugs I Have Had Enough 28 year old Gary from Newcastle tells his story
I Am Building A New Life An article by Catherine who is now part of our Drama Workshop
Asylum - What's gone wrong? Bishop Patrick O'Donoghue shares his thoughts
The Brutality of Asylum An article by Anne Slater of T.H.O.M.A.S
Heroin - A Distant Memory By Kerry, a remarkable young woman who has turned her life around
I Always Felt Quite Isolated By James, at the moment James is in our rehab programme
Interfaith at Work

T.H.O.M.A.S. is able to demonstrate Interfaith in Action. It is developing close links in tackling drug misuse, in the Muslim community. Fr. Jim McCartney its Chief Executive Officer works closely with Hanif Ali the T.H.O.M.A.S. ethnic community link worker in making its services available to the multi-faith community.
Drugs Are Scary - they changed my life. Asif shares his story with us
Hajj - A Pigrimage For Life Hanif, part of the THOMAS team shares his experiences with us
Catherine Hunter & Thank You Poems by Catherine Hunter
The Struggle Of A Single Parent Joan, a member of our team, examines this stuggle
Parable of the Mother & Prayer For The Weary By Paul Cullen
The Death of the Innocent Sarah Shaefer of the Tribune - from her article: Subterranean Jungle
I Was A Disruptive James, a 27 year old from Blackburn, shares his story with Edges
The T.H.O.M.A.S. drama workshop is available to schools, colleges, youth groups and other interested parties, it travels throughout the U.K. All actors are former drug users and the workshop is used as an educational tool.

For further details contact Kerry Farah or Email edges@globalnet. co.uk
From the Door of Prison Into Rehabilitation Sean is currently a THOMAS client.
Cannabis At 15 Simon shares his story
I wouldn't Go back to Prison Paul, just out of Lancaster Prison, is now with THOMAS
My First Drug Was Glue Ian tells his story
Reflections For Lent By Father John Michael Hanvey, part of the THOMAS team
Reflections for Lent By Elaine Kennedy, part of the THOMAS team
On 22 November 2003 T.H.O.M.A.S. won two prestigious Awards for its services in the region. In addition to winning the Pride of Lancashire Community Award, it also won the Lancashire Evening Telegraph Readers Choice Award. The night was spectacular and T.H.O.M.A.S. clients joined representatives of the Charity in a night of celebration.

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