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The Rotherham et al
Rape Jihad

"The only thing more horrifying than a pack of grown men brutally gang-raping, pimping, torturing, and mutilating an 11-year-old girl
is a modern nation like Great Britain letting them do it, over and over again, for fear of insulting their culture.
How pervasive has the perversion become?..." [source].

Accrington, Aylesbury, Banbury, Barking, Birmingham, Blackburn, Blackpool,  Bolton, Bournemouth, Bradford, Brierfield, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Burnley, Burton-on-Trent, Bury, Cambridge, Carlisle, Chesham, Colchester, Coventry, Derby, Dewsbury & Batley, Dudley, Essex, Glasgow, Great Norton, Halifax, Harlow, Hayes, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Keighley, Kent, Leeds, Leicester, Leigh, Littlehampton, Liverpool, London (Bethnal Green, Finsbury Park, Hackney & London Fields, Harrow, Kensington, Mile End, Whitechapel), Luton, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Nelson, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oldham, Oxford, Peterborough, Preston, Plymouth, Redcar, Rochdale, Rotherham, Sandwell, Scunthorpe, Sheffield, Shrewsbury, Skipton, Slough, South Shields, Stevenage, Stockport, Stockton, Stoke-on-Trent, Sunderland, Telford,
Torquay, Toxteth, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Yeovil...

"The Police's job is to serve and to protect. Who are they protecting? Who are they serving?
[They're] not protecting English women in this country ... English people have had enough of the abuse of our women..." [source].

"Stop saying 'Asian'. This isn't an Asian thing, it's a Muslim thing" [source].

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The Islamic Connection


"What the perpetrators have in common is their proclaimed faith. They are Muslims, and many of them would claim to be practising. It is not Islamophobia to point this out" [Trevor Phillips, 'On Abuse It's Time to Call a Spade a Spade', The Telegraph, 10 August 2017].


The Disgraceful Attitudes Towards British Girls by the Islamic Community  (27 May 2017)
"One question which remains disputed is whether this type of crime has particular links with certain communities., it's long been routine for media to refer to the men involved as predominantly 'Asian', even though the men involved are frequently, although not exclusively, British Pakistani men. But is this relevant to understanding these crimes?..."


YOUTUBE:  Rochdale Muslim Admits Muslim Men Think 'White Girls Are Worthless'  (17 May 2017)
"I think as a community, we've got to reflect on why is it there are people amongst us who think that white girls are worthless, who think they can use and abuse them in this abhorrent sort of way, and we've got to confront it. ... It is a race issue, ... I live in Rochdale ... and I can tell you that there is a problem with a minority of people who think that white girls are worthless..."


YOUTUBE:  'Easy Meat' Britain's Muslim Rape Gang Cover-Up  (26 August 2016)
"Some shout 'racism', but here are the facts: Calculations based on convictions show that a British Muslim male is 170x more likely to be part of a sex grooming gang than a non-Muslim. And there are no recorded instances of non-Muslims doing this to Muslim girls as part of a criminal enterprise. In one local jurisdiction it was estimated that 6 out of 7 Muslim males either knew about or were part of a grooming gang. [George] Igler [sp?] [policy analyst]: 'What you do not have is any example of non-Muslim men targeting Muslim girls for this organised form of abuse, so the argument that this crime exists everywhere is not only false, but is being deliberately cultivated by the media and by the Government enquiry, that is kicking the can down the road'..."


That's What White Girls Are For  (08 April 2016)
"I have written extensively on Muslim grooming gangs in the UK and know that these men target non-Muslim girls (usually white, but Sikh girls have also been victimised), who they regard as trash. In the course of my own investigations, I heard from a former victim that she had been told by Muslim men 'that's what white girls are for'..."


YOUTUBE:  Where Are the Politicians on Rotherham's 1400 Child Rape Victims?  (01 September 2014)
"It is not a Pakistani problem; it is a Muslim problem, and we see this all around the world. In Nigeria Boko Haram is raping girls - they're not Pakistani but they are Muslim. In Syria the same thing is happening ... If you cast your mind back to 2005 after the Cronulla beach riots in Australia, they were Lebanese Muslims doing it, and the chief Imam of Australia came out and said, 'If you leave uncovered meat outside your front door, the cats will come and eat it.'  He went on to say that essentially 'uncovered' women are there to be raped y Muslims. This has nothing to do with Pakistan; it has everything to do with Islam ... This has been going on for one reason only: it is because of the teachings of Mohammed, the teachings of the Koran, and Islam..."


The 'Asian' Calumny  (01 September 2014)
"In a BBC Newsnight interview many years ago, [Nick] Griffin chose to take issue with Muslim criminality in the North of England. The Muslims were, he claimed, chiefly responsible for the tensions which had then exploded into the Burnley Riots. When prompting Griffin to clarify his accusation, the interviewer (Jeremy Paxman) consistently reverted to the word 'Asian' instead of the religious signifier suggested by his subject. Growing quickly tired of this, Griffin barked out what must be the only helpful and prophetic sentence in his long and fruitless career: 'Stop saying Asian. This isn't an Asian thing, it's a Muslim thing.'  This was in 2001 - long before grooming gangs began to be reported in the mainstream (and even fringe) press..."


YOUTUBE:  Sacrificing Our Daughters: On the Psychology of Islamic Rape-Gangs  (14 June 2013)
"In Great Britain, young white girls are being drugged, gang-raped, and tortured by Muslim men. These brutal attacks are occurring so frequently and in so many cities, it would be positively irrational not to look for a connection. So, why are Muslim rape-gangs targeting young British girls and treating them as if they're worthless? Perhaps the answers are in the Qur'an..."


Sexual Humiliation/Degradation: UK-Pakistani Style  (08 February 2013)
"Pakistan is probably the rape capital of the world - after Sweden (which also has a problem with Muslim males). These sexual deviants want to import this Pakistani vice into the U.K.  Islam and the Koran have truly got into their heads. All that sexual slavery, concubinage, the rape jihad, the grooming and slavery of the infidel or 'unbeliever'..."


Muslim Gangs Pimping Non-Muslim Girls  (02 November 2010)
"In Bradford and Keighley everyone knows about Muslim males pimping non-Muslim girls - usually white; though sometimes Sikh and Hindu - on a very large scale. It's clear that the Muslims quite deliberately seek out non-Muslim (or white) girls. Why is that? The answer is quite simple: They are kuffar and thus they deserve to be pimped.  Indeed if Muslims hate all kuffar, and women aren't as valuable as men, then you can guess what they think of female kuffar - they are 'sluts' and 'slags', from the girls on the council estates to the women in the universities. And, just as the Koran forges the Islamic attitude of Muslims to the kuffar, so it forges the Muslim male's negative attitude towards women in general..."


Muslim Pedophile Gangs Prey on Non-Muslim Children  (26 January 2010)

"Of course you find pedophiles and rapists in all communities, but these are nearly always loners operating in secret, because pedophiles are despised and hated by normal people.  However Islam is different. ... pedophile attacks on 'kuffar' (non-Muslim) children are seen as a legitimate form of jihad, inflicting humiliation, degradation and demoralisation on the children and their parents, as required by the Koran. The Islamic invasion of the West is one huge razzia (raid of rape and pillage) and Western children are war booty..."


A Family of Perpetrators: A Distinctive Feature of the Grooming Gang Scandal  (No Date)
"One aspect of the grooming gang phenomenon which is discussed but rarely in any detail, is that these gangs have significant numbers of men who are brothers, uncles, cousins. This is one of the characteristics which sets this form of child abuse apart from other forms, along with the disparity in ethnicity between victims and perpetrators and the universality with which the authorities have pretended grooming gangs did not exist..."


What Does Islam Teach About Slavery?  (No Date)
"Does Islam condone slavery? Does Islamic teaching allow Muslim men to keep women as sex slaves? Islam neither ignores nor condemns slavery. In fact, a large part of the Sharia is dedicated to the practice. Muslims are encouraged to live in the way of Muhammed, who was a slave owner and trader. He captured slaves in battle; he had sex with his slaves; and he instructed his men to do the same. The Quran actually devotes more verses to making sure that Muslim men know they can keep women as sex slaves than it does to telling them to pray five times a day..."


Please see also here, here, here, and the relevant sections here, and here




Testimonies of Victims and Their Families


YOUTUBE:  Katie Hopkins Talks to a Rotherham Sex Survivor on How the Police Ignored Her  (14 May 2017)
"I'm a survivor of child sexual exploitation from Rotherham. I have had justice - my perpetrators were Pakistanis ... I actually reported my abuse fourteen years ago. I went to the authorities - my parents did - I sat and gave video interviews to the police. I was willing to work with them, and I never once looked at my perpetrators for what race or religion they were. I just simply stated who they were, who'd committed these crimes against me and what they'd done. And as soon as I said their names, I was made to feel as though I was racist and I was the one who'd, sort of, got the problem. And that continued all the way up to the Jay Report coming out in Rotherham. And it was a way to, sort of, silence me..."


YOUTUBE:  British Schoolgirl's Testimony Muslims Threaten Children with Violence Rape Outside School Daily  (24 August 2011)



Politically Correct Multiculturalism and Racism


6,000 Child Abuse Allegations in Muslim Grooming Gang 'Hotspot' Sandwell in Five Years  (23 August 2017)
"From 2012 to 2016, a total of 6,226 child abuse allegations were referred to social services in the West Midlands borough of Sandwell - an average of three a day. Regional newspaper the Express & Star reports that senior council figures said the number of children being 'abused and neglected' was rising in Sandwell, a borough previously described as a 'hot spot' for Muslim child grooming gangs..."


Our Most Vulnerable Girls Pay Sorely for our Surrender to the Islamists [sic]  (13 August 2017)
"Predictably, the chattering classes are in ostrich-headed denial ... There are none so blind as those who will not see and none so blind as those who refuse to see the Muslim elephant in the mosque of multiculturalism ... We are fighting religious predators who have imported a culture and religion from abroad that is trashing Western civilisation. We are fighting secular Leftist predators who have spawned a culture of self-loathing for Western civilisation and have celebrated what the Cultural Marxist Herbert Marcuse called 'polymorphous perversity' - and the most vulnerable of our society are now paying the price."


Sorry, Bishop Christine, But Child Abuse Gangs Stem From a Particular Community  (11 August 2017)
"The Rt Rev'd Christine Hardman, Bishop of Newcastle, has put her name to a letter, along with other community leaders, expressing their sadness and shock that child abuse gangs have been operating for years in Newcastle's West End - grooming children, plying them with drink and drugs, raping, trafficking, soliciting children for sex..."


Justice for Chelsey  (17 May 2017)
"When I set out to look at the 'grooming gang' crime wave in the UK, I didn't expect to find what I did. I didn't expect to find a 21st century democratic society in which the rape of women and girls is thought far less important than political advertising. That is exactly what I found, and nothing's changed..."


YOUTUBE:  Political Correctness Let Grooming Gangs Prosper  (14 May 2017)
"Katie Hopkins: 'This morning a very important topic in this hour: grooming gangs in the UK ... I'm going to talk to Mohan [of the Sikh Awareness Society], who's been kind enough to join us here in the studio ... Mohan, ... What is the problem with the police ... what is it with the authorities? Is there too much cultural sensitivity? Is there too much political correctness?'  Mohan: 'I think it is down to political correctness, but it's also down to nobody wants to be called a racist'..."


YOUTUBE:  Refugee Issues (Justice for Chelsey)  (05 May 2017)
[NB: Strange interruption between 0.16 and 0.41]
"Here's the problem with this refugee situation ... there's people who have no intent of escaping that life and instead are wanting to spread that life to western society ... Look at issues in England, in Sweden, in Germany, and in other western countries who have allowed an increase of refugees into their borders: sex crimes are increasing, violent crimes are increasing, and they're increasing around the same time these refugees come in ... Now, call me paranoid, but I just don't think that can be a coincidence..."


YOUTUBE:  The Lord's Prayer and Speech on Muslim Grooming Gangs  (29 March 2017)
"Which one of you here would rather be called a little name ... than have [your] children abused as a result of staying silent? ... they can call us what they want, but we have a duty to not let them bully us ... everyone of us that stays silent and does nothing - we might as well take the little, precious hands of our children and put them into the hands of a dirty, horrible, Muslim grooming paedophile, because our silence has amounted to decades of kids being abused..."


YOUTUBE:  'Easy Meat' Britain's Muslim Rape Gang Cover-Up  (26 August 2016)
"Some scandals are so massive that they're simply hard to believe. But this one is true: as many as 1 million white English children may have been the victims of Muslim rape gangs - better known as grooming gangs, in towns up and down Great Britain. Policy analyst, George Igler [sp?]: 'When you encounter an issue that is just so unbelievable, just so outside your frame of reference and understanding, the immediate human reaction is just to not want to believe it at all"


YOUTUBE:  A Sikh's Response to Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs in Rotherham  (28 February 2016)
"Let's not shy away from asking the hard questions. ... There are many people to blame for the horrors inflicted on these children. The rapists, of course: top of the list. However, there are other factors that need to be confronted: what about the police, and the [local] council, and the social workers, who aided and abetted the scum, and the overly politically correct individuals, who blocked it, from the media, for so many years? ... Anyone, anyone who ignored the cries for help from these children, the warning signs, should equally be punished by the law, because they were part of the problem..."


Double Standards Over the Abuse of Poor, White Girls  (16 December 2015)
"The ideological issues which allowed sexual grooming to go on for so long were supposed to have been resolved after the scandals in Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford two years ago. But last week came reports that a teenage girl abused by another Rotherham grooming ring had been raped almost every day for years and used as a commodity to settle her abuser's debts. ... Britain is a very liberal place. ... teachers, health workers, or children's charities showed little interest..."


Hypocrites!  (11 September 2015)
"There are times when I feel as if we - especially our esteemed metro-elites in politics and the media - are fiddling while Rome burns..."


Guilty  (07 September 2015)
"Dear Mr Brokenshire [Minister for Security and Immigration], Recently we have heard news that members of yet another bestial 'Asian' sex-ring have been jailed for raping underage English girls, this time in the historic town of Aylesbury, ... The number of girls attacked and irreparably damaged by (predominantly) Pakistani Muslim savages now runs into the tens of thousands (officially) and the hundreds of thousands (unofficially). These disgusting pigs are mostly immigrants or the descendants of immigrants casually invited into Britain by successive governments. ... What in God's name is wrong with you useless, spineless, emotion-driven fools? You of all people, as a Minister for Security and Immigration, should appreciate the connection between unmonitored mass immigration and threats to national security ... I wish to notify you and your party colleagues that when a patriotic government does eventually take control of Britain, it will ... ensure that the parliamentary traitors responsible for it face trial. ... And it is my guess that when the time comes, the neglected families of those who have been bombed, beheaded, stabbed, raped, assaulted, or robbed by your precious immigrants will not be calling for leniency."


Rotherham: Where Some Cultures Are More Equal Than Others  (05 February 2015)
"Did you hear about the gangs of white taxi drivers in the market towns of Southern England who over a period of decades have been grooming, drugging and serially raping under-age girls of Pakistani Kashmiri heritage? No of course not. It hasn't happened and it couldn't happen for any number of cultural reasons, the main one being this: the very second that the social services or the police or the victims' community got even a whiff of what was going on there would be all hell to pay..."


Rotherham Council Characterised by 'Institutionalised Political Correctness'  (04 February 2015)
"In response to the Jay Report, Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles commissioned an independent report into whether Rotherham Council was fit for purpose, led by Louise Casey. That report has today been published..."


Rotherham: The Full Picture  (17 November 2014)
"Even if the horrors of Rotherham - the mass rape of 1400 White girls by Muslim savages - was a one-off phenomenon not replicated outside of the town's borders, it would still stand as one of the greatest crimes in British history. ... Of course, the crimes of Rotherham are in no way limited to that small town. Evidence is quickly mounting that similar waves of rape have afflicted towns, villages and cities the length and breadth of the country..."


War Crimes in Rotherham  (01 September 2014)
"I sometimes wonder how those who believe in the liberal narrative regarding Islam (which holds it as an 'unfairly maligned' religion of peace) integrate mentally the events reported in the news. How does a liberal protect his orthodoxy from the rational interpretation of ritual stonings, beheadings and terror attacks? And of what formidable substance does that firewall consist? Emotion? Stubbornness? Well whatever it is, we will surely see it tested now..."


Why Did British Police Ignore Pakistani Gangs Abusing 1,400 Rotherham Children? Political Correctness  (30 August 2014)
"A 14-year old girl is taken into care by the social services unity of the town where she lives, because her parents are drug-addicted, and she has been neglected and is not turning up in school. She is one many, for that is the way in Britain today. And ... Councils can be ordered by the courts to stand in for parents of neglected children. The Council places the girl in a home, where she is kept with others under supervision from the social services department. The home is regularly visited by young men who try to entice the girls into their cars, so as to give them drugs and alcohol, and then coerce them into sex..."


What Rotherham Reveals About the Corrosion of Community Life  (27 August 2014)
"What Rotherham truly exposes is the destructive impact on communities and individuals of state intervention into family life and of the ideology of multiculturalism. In certain white working-class communities of Rotherham, there's clearly been a corrosion of the authority of parents and other local adults, leading to a situation where the young inhabitants of those communities can seem extremely adrift and susceptible to the influence of others. ... [This] is a consequence of many things:..."


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The Politicians and Other Leaders


"Yet what [Sarah] Champion is saying today is true. It was true in 2012 when the Rotherham scandal broke. Indeed it was also true in the year 2000 and even before that. Muslim gangs have been grooming white girls for well over twenty years. And yet the Labour Part is still fighting against fact/truth in order to advance - yet further - its eternal and fanatical war against - often fake - racism. The only racism I can see here is against white working-class girls: the sacrificial lambs of socialist ideology" [source].


Sarah Champion, Naz Shah and Evil  (03 September 2017)
"There was a nauseating article in The Spectator recently, written by a young, half-witted liberal who tried to explain, in cloying terms, just why Conservatives were nasty, wicked, racist planet-murders whilst the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn was sugar ands spice and all things nice. I'm not sure he is entirely correct here, witness the recent behaviour of those cuddly left-liberals with regard to two female Labour MPs, Sarah Champion and Naz Shah..."


Labour MP: 'Floppy Left' Fails to Confront Child Grooming, Slams Corbyn's 'Multicultural Policies'  (02 September 2017)
Sarah Champion told The Times that "[M]any Labour politicians based in London had 'never been challenged by a reality that's different' from their largely 'tolerant, multicultural world'. ... The Rotherham MP also slammed the London-centric, left-liberal labour mindset on multiculturalism..."


AMW Calls Out UKIP Leader Candidate on Grooming Gangs  (25 August 2017)
"During a recent hustings in Tiverton, leadership candidate Aiden Powlesland attacked Anne Marie for her history of talking openly about grooming gangs in Britain. This is Anne Marie's response:..."


UK Parliament Member Retweets 'Abused Girls... ' Tweet  (22 August 2017)
"British MP Naz Shah has retweeted and liked a tweet stating that the girls who have been abused at the hands of mainly Pakistani, Muslim men, should 'shut their mouths for the sake of diversity' ... Ms. Shah subsequently deleted and unliked the tweet, but not before Twitter users screen-grabbed her actions..."


Sarah Champion and the Silencing of Debate  (18 August 2017)
"Champion's resignation sends out a clear message: discussing the significance of race or religion in these cases is frowned upon. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the resignation was Champion's decision. But she really only started to receive criticism after her piece was quoted in a Sun column by Trevor Kavanagh this week - a column which attracted the ire of many MPs for its critical comments on Islam. It wasn't Champion's original argument that got her into trouble: it was the fact that they were later cited as part of a criticism of Islam. Criticising Islam is a non-no today..."


Champion's Ousting Shows Labour Has Learned Nothing from Gang Rape Scandals  (17 August 2017)
"Sarah Champion said no more than what is already in the public domain in official reports that are uncontested by any MP or mainstream party in any public communication. For this she has quit her shadow post, or, more likely, has had to quit. It seems Labour ... is still trying to shut down debate on the issue ... still turning a blind eye to child sex exploitation on Labour's watch, in Labour's heartlands."


MP Sarah Champion Speaks Truth to Power: Anti-Racist MPs Devour Her  (17 August 2017)
"A person who said - to the BBC - that many people are afraid to even raise cases of Muslim grooming for fear of being labelled racist has herself been labelled a racist. At least certain leftwingers and people in Jeremy Corbyn's radical socialist Labour party have done so. Jeremy Corbyn himself said that the Labour Party wouldn't 'demonise any particular group'. Fellow Labour MP Naz Shah also said [Champion's] words were 'irresponsible' and 'setting a dangerous precedent' And so will the Muslim child-grooming show carry on just as before?..."


The 'Community Leaders' Doing Nothing to Solve the Grooming Scandal  (17 August 2017)
"[T]here has been the usual predictable, organised, backlash against [Trevor] Kavanagh and [Sarah] Champion for telling the truth. It has been led by the Muslim Council of Britain and Labour MP Naz Shah (who readers will remember faced her own anti-Semitism scandal last year). Yesterday, Champion was forced to quit her place in Labour's shadow cabinet. And her party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, in accepting her resignation, has done what he can to blur the distinguishing features of the Newcastle rape gang. ... [A]long with Shah and the MCB, who else do we find leaping up to attack [Kavanagh], but the Board of Deputies of British Jews..."


Hands Off the Sun!  (16 August 2017)
"Imagine living in a country where politicians were so casually illiberal, so possessed of tinpot tyrannical urges, that they thought nothing of firing off letters of condemnation to the press when it said things they didn't like. A country where the political elite was so cavalier about the ideal of press freedom that it was happy to demand 'action' against journalists whose commentary it judged to be offensive. A country where parliamentarians formed censorious gangs and put pressure on editors to sack columnists for having the 'wrong' view. Well, if you're a Brit like me, you live in that country..."


Left-Wing UK MP Slammed Forced to Resign After Warning of Pakistani Rape Gang in Britain  (16 August 2017)
"Sarah Champion has resigned form the shadow cabinet after she was criticised for penning an article in The Sun acknowledging the fact [that] Pakistani Muslim men target white girls for sexual grooming. The article, headlined, 'British Pakistani men ARE raping and exploiting white girls - and it's time we faced up to it', read: 'Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls. There. I said it. Does that make me a racist? Or am I just prepared to call out this horrifying problem for what it is? ... However, left-wingers and supporters of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn quickly attacked her for writing the article, accusing her of 'racism' and 'Islamophobia', and demanded she resign..."


Will Sarah Champion MP Admit Her Party Created the Grooming Gangs Problem?  (10 August 2017)
"Rotherham MP Sarah Champion has finally dared to recognise the giant elephant having a dirty great s*** in the middle of the room and admitted that the grooming gangs plaguing our towns and cities are 'predominantly Pakistani men' and that there may be cultural issues involved. ... Ms Champion asks 'why has it happened?', 'why are we not commissioning research to see what is going on and how we need to change what is going on?'  Well, Ms Champion, you don't have to commission research to find that out, all you have to do is ask the people that you and your Traitor Class comrades have been persecuting for years as racists and Islamophobes and we'll tell you..."


YOUTUBE:  #JusticeForChelsey March: Police Won't Charge Muslim Rapist  (14 May 2017)
"Shame on Amber Rudd (Home Secretary, minister responsible for the British police forces), and Alison Saunders, who is responsible for the Crown Prosecution Service. No conviction was made in the case of Muslims gang-raping Chelsey Wright, a mother of three in Sunderland, despite DNA evidence, traces of rohypnol, and bruising to her groin - any jury would deem such to be rape, and it's time the case came before [the] court..."


Rotherham MP Sarah Champion Ignores Muslim Gang Rape  (30 November 2016)
"Dear Ms Champion, I am writing to you via email and post after you refused to answer a perfectly reasonable question on twitter regarding the on-going gang-rape of vulnerable young English girls in your Rotherham constituency by predominantly Pakistani Muslim males. Not only did you fail to offer an explanation, you blocked me instead, which I find deeply troubling when one considers you are an elected representative of the British people and the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities. Perhaps you are embarrassed about your lack of clear action over this horrifying injustice?..."


One Million Child Victims of Muslim Rape Gangs in the UK?  (08 February 2015)
"In a gut-wrenching development, it may turn out that last year's report detailing a decade-and-a-half of sexual exploitation inflicted on at least 1,400 children from Rotherham, England - and the PC effort to cover it up - may represent the proverbial tip of the iceberg. The city's MP Sarah Champion believes as many as one million children may have been victimised..."


Sarah Champion: Rotherham's Labour MP and Hypocrite  (08 February 2015)
"Sarah Champion, a Labour MP in Rotherham since 2012, once said that Nigel Farage was a 'voyeuristic tourist' because he was doing his job as a politician in Rotherham. She also said that he was 'rubbernecking' at the victims of the many Muslim grooming-gangs in that town. ... People had known about the Muslim grooming gangs of Rotherham (as well as in many other cities and towns in the U.K.) since 1996. Sarah Champion first spoke out in 2013 ... [she] had lived and worked in Rotherham; so she would have known about the Muslim rape-gangs well before her first pronouncements in 2013/14..."


Labour Trio Sue UKIP MEP Over Rotherham Child Sex Claims  (13 January 2015)
"Rotherham's three Labour MPs are taking legal action against the UK Independence Party MEP Jane Collins for saying that they knew about widespread child sex abuse in the city. ... Collins made the comments in a speech made in Doncaster last September, in which she suggested that victims of abuse had not been protected because of political correctness..."


YOUTUBE:  Where Are the Politicians on Rotherham's 1400 Child Rape Victims?  (01 September 2014)
"Where are UKIP, Labour, the Tories and Liberal democrats on the Muslim grooming gangs? Liberty GB is the only party talking about this atrocity, and why it happens: Islam, Mohammed, and the Quran..."




The Police and the 'Justice' System


UK Rape Gangs 'Profoundly Racist' Says Liberal Former Head of Public Prosecutions  (10 August 2017)
"Britain must confront the 'profoundly racist' reality of Muslim grooming and rape gangs after the Newcastle case, a former head of the Crown Prosecution Service and Liberal Democrat Lord has said. Lord Macdonald made the comments the day after the conviction of 17 mainly Pakistani and Bangladeshi men for grooming, drugging, trafficking, and raping vulnerable white girls. He told BBC Radio Four's Today programme there was 'a major problem in particular communities' of men viewing young white girls as 'trash' and available for sex..."


Rotherham Victim of Muslim Grooming: ... Was Told Not to Mention Ethnicity of Attackers  (16 May 2017)
"Let down by authorities, [Emma] found herself being further abused by other rape gangs. She reported rape again at the age of 14, but police said there was not enough evidence. Eventually, her parents moved her out of the country. 'Nobody wanted to stop it, and that was the only way they could stop it,' Emma said..."


'Justice For Chelsey' March Protests Alleged Police Inaction After Woman Reports Migrant Rape  (14 May 2017)
"A march has taken place in Sunderland to protest alleged police inaction after a young mother reported being drugged, raped, and assaulted by a group of migrant men. The mainstream press initially reported the arrest and bail of six men from Iraq, Syria, and Bahrain after local woman Chelsey Wright, 26, reported a 'serious assault'. However, it is alleged the men all escaped charges and local police failed to investigate the incident properly..."


Rotherham Witness Says Police Covered Up Child Abuse by Muslim Men  (16 December 2015)
"A witness in the ongoing Rotherham sex-grooming trial told a jury yesterday that she decided to reveal her childhood abuse at the hands of Muslim men so that authorities could no longer sweep such crimes 'under the carpet'. ... The woman who spoke in court yesterday is one of 12 who are expected to give evidence about multiple sex crimes committed against them when they were children..."




The Social Services and State/Local Councils' 'Cared-For' Children


Rotherham: The Perfect Storm  (30 December 2015)
"What stands out particularly is the lack of data held by local authorities, who in almost all cases kept no numeric data on children under their care who who reported sexual assault or rape. ... Councils have a legal obligation to actively prevent abuse of all children in their constituency, whether that child is under their care or not. Several children ... who had suffered child sex exploitation, had been placed into the care of the local authority, meaning that the authority exercised parental rights and obligations over the child. ... when a child is placed in to the care of a local council, the council takes on what is known as parental responsibility..."


Rotherham Abuse Trial: Baby Born 'After Two Defendants Raped Woman At Pub'  (16 December 2015)
"The woman, who is now 36, told Sheffield Crown Court her sexual abuse started at the age of 11 at the hands of 'Mad Ash; a man, the prosecution say is defendant Arshid Hussain. ... The woman said that after years of abuse, she moved away from Rotherham and returned when she was about 20. ... She also said she had tried to tell staff at her children's home about what was happening to her, 'but they just didn't seem to want to know'."


Birmingham City Council Hired Ex Rotherham Council Director to Oversee Child Safeguarding  (07 March 2015)
"Howard Woolfenden works for the authority as an 85,000 a year assistant director and leads the council's work to protect young people from grooming gangs, ... despite his inclusion in the Rotherham Council management team which were heavily criticised for failing victims of SCE and for closing down the welfare group Risky Business, described as 'the only lifeline' for abused girls in the town..."


Hidden Side of the Child-Abuse Horror  (07 March 2015)
"Last week's report on the wholesale abuse of children in Oxford yet again exposed the terrifying contradiction at the heart of our 'child protection' system. Although the report focused only on the ordeals of six children, these were taken to be representative of nearly 370 others, who between 2004 and 2012, had been subjected to rape and abuse by Asian men. Two points emerged, as they did from the rather more forthright reports on what happened to those 1,400 similarly abused children in Rotherham..."


Bullfinch Abuse Scandal Serious Case Review - What Went Wrong  (03/04 March 2015)
"Serious Case Review by Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board ... Thames Valley Police and Oxfordshire County Council's social services department [are] expected to be heavily criticised for missing signs [that] the girls - who were under its care or known to staff - were being groomed and sexually exploited..."

Rotherham Is Yet Another Massive Failure By Our Social Workers  (07 February 2015)
"Pretty much everyone ... in this dismal saga couldn't have come out worse, from the councillors 'in denial' to the police. What might have merited rather more coverage, however, was the terrifying part played by the social workers in Rotherham, who had been ignoring warnings from local 'youth workers' since 2002. [The Casey Report] describes how these workers seemed interested only in abuse allegedly taking place within families in the town..."


After Rotherham: Why the Leftist Silence on Islamic Misogyny and Rape?  (04 February 2015)
"[T]he anti-racism policies and actions of councillors, the police, social workers, politicians, etc, trumped the abuse of hundreds of white girls. ... Take the specific case of Gordon Jelley. Mr Jelley was a leading social worker (a 'trainer') in Rotherham between 2005 and 2009. He also happens to be a writer for the Socialist Workers Party. He would therefore have been partly - or even largely - responsible for what went on Rotherham..."


Rotherham Council Closed Down Following Sexual Abuse Failure  (04 February 2015)
"The Government has closed down 'dysfunctional' Rotherham Council until an election can be held in 2016, with all powers currently held by the council's Cabinet to be transferred to Commissioners answerable to the Secretary of State for Local Government..."

Rotherham Social Workers Discredited Information About Child Sexual Exploitation  (04 February 2015)
"Social workers in Rotherham discredited information from youth workers about children at risk of abuse, amid an 'unhealthy' culture of bullying, sexism and suppression, Louise Casey's damning inquiry has revealed..."

Rotherham Scandal: The Catalogue of Council Failings  (04 February 2015)
"Rotherham Council is an organisation still 'in denial' about its total failure to protect 1,400 girls from child sexual exploitation, a devastating government report said. ... [S]taff did not accept the findings of an independent inquiry carried out by Professor Alexis Jay last year. Council workers believed there had not been a problem and that 'the media were out to get them'. In truth, said [the Casey Report], a culture of bullying, political correctness, incompetence and cover-up had allowed gangs of Asian [sic] men to get away with child abuse for years..."


Gordon Jelley: The SWP's Rotherham Social Worker on Grooming Gangs  (05 September 2014)
"Gordon Jelley was one of the Rotherham social workers ... who would have been partly responsible for the lack of action on Muslim grooming-gangs in that town. ... who accused the police, council workers, etc of being 'racist' or 'Islamophobic' when they wanted to take action against Muslim groomers. It was people like him that sent whistle-blowers on 'diversity re-education courses' when they brought to light the extent of Muslim grooming gangs in Rotherham. ... These social workers, council workers, etc are guilty. And so is their ideology..."


Children Pay a Terrible Price For 'Care'  (18 May 2013)
"Most of the coverage given to the case of the seven men found guilty of the appalling physical and sexual abuse of underage girls in Oxford has focused on the fact that most of these monsters were of British Pakistani origin. But what should be seen in its own way as even more disturbing is the fact that five of these six girls were in the care of our 'child protection' system. Not only did the social workers consistently refuse to protect these children from hideous abuse over eight years ... but social services also actively connived in it..."




Common Purpose


The Rotherham Common Purpose Effect  (04 February 2015)
"The ongoing scandal concerning the industrial scale of abuse of young children in Rotherham provides us with an opportunity to bring into sharp focus any networks of Common Purpose operatives found within the strategic partnerships made up of various public sector organisations in Rotherham and the wider geographical area..."


Head of Social Services at Rotherham Council Finally Quits  (27 September 2014)
"The chief of Rotherham children's services finally stepped down yesterday, three weeks after the publication of a damning report into child abuse in the town. Joyce Thacker is the fourth senior official to resign in the wake of the investigation, which found there had been 'serious failings' by the council and the police in protecting 1,400 victims of grooming gangs. She had clung on to her 115,000-a-year position despite repeated calls to quit..."




The Mainstream/Establishment Media


FOI Request:  BBC Costs of Covering Up Muslim Grooming Gangs  (30 December 2013)

"Dear BBC, What were the BBC total costs (time and money) of covering up muslim grooming gangs and trying to get Nick Griffin MEP prosecuted and jailed? Please include the cost of the undercover investigation and documentary of Nick Griffin MEP and the BNP. Please also provide all communications between the BBC and the Police, the Home Office, the CPS and any politicians in regard to these BBC actions. Were any BBC staff disciplined or sacked in relation to these BBC actions? Yours faithfully, ... Dear Mr. ... Thank you for your request for information under the FOI Act 2000, as detailed in your email below..."


BBC - Three Girls


BBC Muslim Rape Gang Drama Never Mentions Islamic Identity or Motivations of Attackers  (18 May 2017)
"The two most important aspects of the Rochdale assaults on the young girls were the permanent scars left upon the lives of these girls and the fact that the perpetrators who committed those crimes did so because they believed and obeyed their Islamic religious texts, which tell them that it is permissible to take infidel girls and use them in this way. 'BBC's drama on Muslim rape gangs in Rochdale' perhaps intends to be subtle, but it ends up being a misrepresentation, much like when religiously-sanctioned honor killings are dismissed as domestic violence..."


First Episode of BBC's Muslim Rape Gang Drama Skirts Religion Issue  (17 May 2017)
"The first episode of the BBC's drama on Muslim rape gangs in Rochdale, Three Girls, has been broadcast to widespread acclaim in the mainstream media. References to key themes in the case identified during the subsequent investigation such as the role of religion were so far notably absent however. ... Following episodes may explore this in more detail, but at this stage, there has been no examination of one-half of the story - namely, what was going on within Rochdale's Islamic community that allowed well-known family men to effectively hold hostage 47 young white girls in the town over the course of a decade. ... When the case finally came to court, Judge Gerald Clifton made clear the facts of the matter were not aligned with what has become the BBC's take on the religious issue..."


About Three Girls  (16 May 2017)
"If you heard Jane Garvey on Woman's Hour tiptoeing around the 'Asian' question when interviewing the actress Maxine Peake and the character she's playing in the forthcoming 'Three Girls' trilogy, Sara Rowbotham, you'd have noticed the care Garvey took to stress that white males were responsible for most of the cases of child sexual abuse before tentatively mentioning that in this particular instance the perpetrators were... just happened to be... Asian..."




The Sikh Community


YOUTUBE:  Political Correctness Let Grooming Gangs Prosper  (14 May 2017)
"Katie Hopkins: 'This morning a very important topic in this hour: grooming gangs in the UK ... I'm going to talk to Mohan [of the Sikh Awareness Society], who's been kind enough to join us here in the studio ... Mohan, ... why were you standing outside a court case on the day that individuals were going to court about a grooming case?'  Mohan: 'I think it's about supporting the families who've gone through the traumatic experience of their children being abused, and it's about showing solidarity that ... abuse of this kind shouldn't be happening in Britain ... and the more people that are out there, the better it will be ... the politicians and the people upstairs have got to listen and watch, and put in the procedures to stop this.'..."


YOUTUBE:  Pakistani Grooming Gangs in Rotherham  (27 August 2014)
"A response from Mohan Singh of the Sikh Awareness Society concerning the recent independent report that has found that at least 1,400 children were sexually exploited in Rotherham by gangs of men who were predominantly of Pakistani origin between 1997 and 2103, and some cases were covered up by Pakistani leaders, and children's services failed to follow up cases due to fear of appearing racist."




Whistleblowers and Truthtellers



Whistleblower: Muslim Child Rapists Walk Free, But Authorities 'More Interested in Covering Up Mistakes'  (17 May 2017)
"A former police detective who helped prosecute a Muslim grooming gang in 2012 says offenders identified during the original investigation are still at large in Rochdale and claims the conspiracy of cover-ups 'goes right to the top of Government'..."


Former Cop: I Was Told to Stop Raising the Alarm Years Before Bullfinch  (05 March 2015)
"A retired police officer who tried to blow the whistle on sexual abuse before Operation Bullfinch said senior county council managers must have know about his concerns. Dermot Norridge spent nine months trying to raise the alarm when he was working for Oxford City Council as a Nuisance Officer in 2007. The former acting Detective Inspector sent many emails to senior managers at Oxfordshire County Council's social services department and police 'demanding action'..."




Sarah Champion is Brave, But It's Not Just White Girls Who Fall Victim of Grooming Gangs  (06 September 2017)
"Muslim men in Pakistan are brought up ... [with] the common view of women [as] a lesser gender and many Imams preach that the kidnap, rape and forced Islamic marriage of non-Muslim girls is a sacred act that will lead to blessings in heaven. Under the backdrop of such lethal theology is it therefore surprising that an estimated 700 Christian girls and 300 Hindu girls are kidnapped, raped and forced into Islamic marriage every year in Pakistan..."


Religious Groups Slam Corbyn for Firing MP Over 'Courageous' Grooming Gangs Warning  (05 September 2017)
"The heads of UK Sikh, Hindu, and Pakistani Christian organisations have said [in a letter to The Times] ... 'For decades Hindu, Sikh and Christian organisations have raised concerns about grooming gangs. The latter have plagued our communities ... The common denominator is that victims almost always tend to be non-Muslim girls ... We are not willing to see the betrayal of victims, who are being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. It's not racist or Islamophobic to raise a matter of significant public concern' ... The letter was signed by Lord Singh of Wimbledon, Network of Sikh Organisations and crossbencher; Mohan Singh, Sikh Awareness Society; Wilson Chowdhry, British Pakistani Christian Association; Satish Sharma, National Council of Hindu Temples; Anil Bhanot, Hindu Council UK; Trupti Patel, Hindu Forum of Britain; Ashish Joshi, Sikh Media Monitoring Group..."


The 'Asian' Calumny  (01 September 2014)
"In a BBC Newsnight interview many years ago, [Nick] Griffin [BNP Chairman, MEP] chose to take issue with Muslim criminality in the North of England. The Muslims were, he claimed, chiefly responsible for the tensions which had then exploded into the Burnley riots. ... This was in 2001 - long before grooming gangs began to be reported in the mainstream (and even fringe) press. Griffin deserves credit for this..."


YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson Tried to Tell Us Long Before Rotherham Was Exposed. No One Listened  (29 August 2014)
ITV's Daybreak programme interviews Tommy Robinson concerning EDL members being labelled extremists: "What I'd say has encouraged this is this complete era of cultural sensitivity and political correctness that has completely stifled debate, and when you suppress people's voices, which is what we're seeing happening, cultural sensitivity and political correctness has facilitated the rape and grooming of young children; it's facilitated female genital mutilation. This is the land of freedom and democracy and how many people honestly in this country feel they can say freely..."


YOUTUBE:  The Man Who Exposed Rotherham - Andrew Norfolk From The Times  (28 August 2014)
"Andrew Norfolk's ... investigation first started when he covered concerns raised by Keighly MP Ann Cryer in 2003, who was the first mainstream figure to speak out about gangs of Asian [sic] men meeting young girls outside secondary schools, but didn't follow it up. In 2010 he realised that no one seemed to have made the connection and became 'increasingly uneasy' that he had not followed up on Cryer's claims..."


YOUTUBE:  Hundreds of EDL Supporters March Against Muslim 'Child Grooming'  (30 March 2014)
"The demonstration was called in reaction to a recent case of five men being convicted of child grooming in [Peterborough]. Addressing the rally, EDL speaker Glen Saffer from nearby Norwich demanded answers from PM David Cameron..."





THE CASEY REPORT:  Report of Inspection of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council  (04 February 2015)
"Child abuse and exploitation happens all over the country, but Rotherham is different in that it was repeatedly told by its own youth service what was happening and it chose, not only not to act, but to close that service down. This is important because it points to how it has dealt with uncomfortable truths put before it. However, I propose that this report is one uncomfortable truth that will not be ignored, but that Rotherham Council will use it to embrace the change so sorely needed and ensure that from here it gets its priorities right..."


THE JAY REPORT:  Independent Enquiry Into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham 1997-2013  (21 August 2014)
"In just over a third of cases, children affected by sexual exploitation were previously known to services because of child protection and neglect. ... From the beginning, there was growing evidence that child sexual exploitation was a serious problem in Rotherham. This came from those working in residential care and from youth workers who knew the young people well. Within social care, the scale and seriousness of the problem was underplayed by senior managers..."




Convictions (and Otherwise)


Banbury and Oxford


Media Silence as Oxfordshire Islamic Child Rape Syndicate Uncovered  (02 April 2017)
"You won't see this mentioned in the liberal mainstream media but the last few days have seen fifteen alleged paedophiles charged with a catalogue of child rape offences as part of an investigation into a Muslim grooming gang operating across Oxfordshire. As reported in local paper The Oxford Mail, Tuesday saw eight arrests in Banbury followed by a further seven in neighbouring Oxford, which were carried out as part of Operation Nautical, an investigation by Thames Valley Police into organised Islamic child rape and exploitation in the county..."




New Arrest in Muslim Murder of Sex-Groomed Schoolgirl ... 14 Years Ago  (01 August 2017)
"Schoolgirl Charlene Downes was last seen 14 years ago after disappearing from her home in Blackpool, Lancashire. No trace of her has ever been found ... But yesterday the force finally announced a major break[through] in the case - one of their longest investigations - after [they] arrested a man on suspicion of her murder. ... In 2011, officers investigating Charlene's disappearance discovered at least 60 schoolgirls were groomed for sex at takeaways in Blackpool..."




YOUTUBE:  SAS Reporting Outside Leeds Court  (13 May 2017)
"Sikh Awareness Society reporting outside Leeds Crown Court. 29 in court over 170 charges of sexual exploitation. 29 people, most of whom are from Huddersfield, have been charged with dozens of child sex abuse charges in the case. Out of the 29 charged, 26 are local, with 24 men and 2 women."


Mainstream Media Silence as Huddersfield Paedo Gang Appear in Court  (12 April 2017)
"Today an evil Muslim child gang rape syndicate were in the Kirklees Magistrates Court facing numerous vile offences including child rape, trafficking with intent to engage in sexual exploitation of children, sexual activity with children, child abduction, child neglect, supply of Class A and B drugs to children, and the possession of, and making of, child porn. Chances are you've not heard about it though as - much like the Oxford Muslim paedo ring ... it has been subject to a mainstream media blackout..."




'Conspiracy of Silence': Britain's Towns Where Girls Were Raped by Muslim Grooming Gangs for Decades  (12 August 2017)
"Newcastle has joined a list of British cities where grooming gangs, made up of predominantly Pakistani Muslim men, systematically rape and abuse vulnerable white girls. A nationwide pattern emerged after the first prosecutions in Rotherham, and then Rochdale, where a 'culture of silence' and political correctness led to inaction by authorities who feared being called 'racist'. Thousands of girls were raped and abused by Muslim grooming gangs since the late 1980s with cases largely going ignored until 2001..."


Grooming Gang: White Women are Good for Only One Thing - for People Like Me to F*** and Use as Trash  (10 August 2017)
"'Operation Sanctuary', the UK's largest investigation into grooming gangs since Rochdale and Rotherham ... The court heard how gangs of groomers who were friends and relatives ... raped, trafficked, and drugged white women from troubled backgrounds. ... After four trials over two years, 17 Men of Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian, and Turkish heritage were found guilty of 87 sex and drug offences. Also convicted was a young white woman, Carolann Gallon, 22, who lured younger girls to the groomers and has admitted trafficking for sexual exploitation..."




YOUTUBE:  A Sikh's Response to Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs in Rotherham  (28 February 2016)
"You've all heard about the recent Rotherham case. There's a lot to be said about the Rotherham trial verdict today. ... Firstly, I would like to congratulate the judge and the jury who doled out an impressive and necessary sentence which reflects the severity of the crime which these abusers got away with for such a long time..."




Six Men Released Without Charge Following Allegation of Attack on Woman  (07 April 2017)
"'Earlier this year, the case was submitted to the CPS for a decision, it was found that the case of five men did not meet the threshold for a charging decision from the CPS. The file against one man was reviewed for a decision by prosecutors on whether or not the man would be charged. The CPS have reviewed the case and have informed police the man will not face any charges. All of the six men arrested have now been released with no further action.' Superintendent Paul Milner said, 'Our utmost priority is the victim...'..."




Justice for Chelsey Wright


PETITION:  Demand Justice for Chelsey Wright
"We demand that the Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird personally oversee a full investigation into the rape of Chelsey Wright and see that charges are brought."


Justice for Chelsey  (17 May 2017)
"At the weekend, I went to Sunderland to attend a rally in support of Chelsey Wright, a lovely young woman who reported that she had been raped by a group of migrants last year ... Suspects were arrested. Then nothing. These men are now free, and Chelsey and her supporters are forced to initiate petitions and march through the streets to beg for justice - something that should automatically be hers..."


YOUTUBE:  #JusticeForChelsey March: Police Won't Charge Muslim Rapist  (14 May 2017)
"Shame on Amber Rudd (Home Secretary, minister responsible for the British police forces), and Alison Saunders, who is responsible for the Crown Prosecution Service. No conviction was made in the case of Muslims gang-raping Chelsey Wright, a mother of three in Sunderland, despite DNA evidence, traces of rohypnol, and bruising to her groin - any jury would deem such to be rape, and it's time the case came before [the] court..."


'Justice For Chelsey' March Protests Alleged Police Inaction After Woman Reports Migrant Rape  (14 May 2017)
"A march has taken place in Sunderland to protest alleged police inaction after a young mother reported being drugged, raped, and assaulted by a group of migrant men. The mainstream press initially reported the arrest and bail of six men from Iraq, Syria, and Bahrain after local woman Chelsey Wright, 26, reported a 'serious assault'. However, it is alleged the men all escaped charges and local police failed to investigate the incident properly..."


YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters: Justice for Chelsey Demo Sunderland  (14 May 2017)
"Today, I want to report on Saturday's Justice for Chelsey demo in Sunderland, which was attended by a lot of people, and there were speeches from Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters. ... The police initially arrested 6 Syrian and Iraqi refugees, but quickly released them - even moving them into a safe house. The police have even, now, dropped the case. It has been left to Chelsey and her community to seek justice..."


YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson: #JusticeForChelsey Petition Taken to Police Station  (13 May 2017)
"We are going to walk to the Police Station to give them 50,000 names of people in Britain who are demanding justice, who are demanding [the police] clamp down on these Islamic gangs who are torturing and abusing women in these cities..."


YOUTUBE:  #JusticeForChelsey - Anne Marie Waters (Exclusive Interview)  (13 May 2017)
"MBGA: 'I just want to ask you: why do you think the police haven't taken any action?'  AMW: 'Legally, I've absolutely no idea. It's a mystery and I would like to see the reasoning behind it, because we have a girl who ... has clearly been attacked, clearly been violently assaulted ... yet no further action is taken. How is this legally possible? ... Politicians have got to start caring about this..."


YOUTUBE:  Anne Marie Waters' Speech at the #JusticeForChelsey March  (13 May 2017)
"This is what happens when decent people have one of their own attacked, and no-one is there for them, nobody cares for them, so they come out and stand up for themselves ... All over this country, I have met girls who have been tortured by these men ... nothing is done about it ... girls have given names and addresses to the police, and nothing is done about it. [The police] don't care. They don't answer to you. Your politicians now answer to the EU and to the UN ... they don't care about you whatsoever. And I am sick and tired of this..."


YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson's Speech at the #JusticeForChelsey March  (13 May 2017)
"What people need to realise - I've studied this and I've researched every singly town and city - our women, non-Muslim women, are being abused, they're being beaten, they're being pimped, and they're being raped, from one end of our country to the other. That is the reality of what is happening to our women, whilst your council leaders in this city, say, 'We want more Syrian refugees.'  What about the women in this city? The Police's job is to serve and to protect. Who are they protecting? Who are they serving? ... You're not protecting English women in this country. And today's turnout should be a warning to any politician, any police watching this: This is a warning to you ... English people have had enough of the abuse of our women..."


YOUTUBE:  Justice for Chelsea [sic] #SikhsAgainstGrooming  (12 May 2017)
"The sexual exploitation of young girls by gangs of men is a very sickening crime but what is more sickening is that the predators are not being brought to justice."


YOUTUBE:  Justice for Tommy Robinson. Justice for Chelsey Wright. Justice for All  (11 May 2017)
"Well, we're talking about Tommy Robinson again, who has been arrested for the umpteenth time on trumped-up charges. ... we're going to be ... looking at this in the context of Muslim grooming gangs in the UK, and end up with a specific case: that of Chelsey Wright, which Tommy's campaigning for. So, as this hasn't really been reported in the mainstream media - surprise, surprise - let's go to the Kent local newspaper, Kent Live..."


YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson - Justice for Chelsey  (04 May 2017)
"What you have here is a community left on their own to try to find justice. There's no political figures supporting them, there's no politicians, there's no groups, there's no organisation; just families left to come out together to demand justice ... for a young English girl called Chelsey, who was gang raped by Syrian refugees..."


Mainstream Media Blackout as Police Refuse to Prosecute Refugees Over Gang Rape  (04 May 2017)
"Many of you will have no idea what the #justiceforchelsey campaign is all about. Chances are that if you live outside of Sunderland, you will not have the slightest clue. When you hear Chelsey's story though, you will be amazed that it hasn't been front page news - after all there was wall to wall news coverage when as asylum seeker got a black eye, right?..."





All the books listed below should be obtainable through usedbooksearch

Broken and Betrayed  by Jayne Senior  (2016)
"For fourteen years, Jayne Senior tried to help girls from Rotherham who were being groomed, raped, trafficked and tortured by gangs of abusive, violent men. She told the girls she would always be there for them, but she had no idea of the lengths she'd have to go to to keep that promise. Jayne, who managed a youth project called Risky Business, heard horrific stories of abuse and passed on detailed information about the men involved to council officers and police. Shockingly, the authorities failed to act and did their best to silence her. In the end Jayne risked arrest to make the truth known. [This book] is the inspiring story of one woman from Rotherham who stood up for the victims of the worst abuse scandal the country has seen."


Easy Meat: Inside Britain's Grooming Gang Scandal  by Peter McLoughlin  (2016)
"How does an nation commit suicide? [This book] is a harrowing step-by-step chronicle of how Britain is doing just that, by sacrificing its girls to the idols of multiculturalism and political correctness. McLoughlin lays out in heart-wrenching detail how British officials abandoned thousands of unfortunate girls to the depredations of Muslim rape gangs who were inspired and motivated by Islamic teaching on the treatment of infidel women, and did nothing to save them for fear of being called 'racist' and 'Islamophobic'.  Young girls and women are the future of any nation: what Britain has done to its own has condemned it to a future of chaos, civil war, and slavery. ... May this important book serve as a cautionary tale for the nations that are still free. 

A non-Islamic society which allows its young women and girls to be raped, beaten and treated as literal war-booty by Muslim males is a society teetering on the brink of irrelevance. A non-Islamic society which goes out if its way to suppress the truth behind the Islamic gang-rape scandal and which actively sides against the non-Muslim victims is a society on the brink of extinction. Peter McLoughlin's forensic research details how evils once considered unthinkable and impossible have now become a routine part of everyday life in towns and cities across great Britain.  Mr. McLoughlin's majestic investigative work joins all the dots from the life and teachings of the Muslim prophet Muhammed through to the suicidal moral and cultural relativism of the Politically Correct West. He skewers all who need to be skewered: the politicians, the social workers, the journalists, the police and the media - all who contrived to cover up the most wicked crime of the century lest it give credence to the political right who had been warning of just such terrible crimes for the last two decades. Although this book concentrates primarily on the grooming/rape issues, it serves an equally important role in reminding us that we are in a cultural battle for the continuation of Western civilisation and that time is rapidly running out if we wish to overturn the PC establishment before it takes us all down with it."




Grooming Gangs in England
"Peter McLoughlin spent years believing the Leftist narrative, namely it was 'a racist myth' that organised Muslim groups in Britain and the Netherlands (so-called 'grooming gangs') were luring white schoolgirls into a life of prostitution. But in 2009 he first encountered people who said t5heir children had been groomed like this. These informants had non-white people in their immediate and extended family, and were thus unlikely to be racists. So McLoughlin dug deeper and what he found shocked him: ... This website exists to continue updating the data on grooming gang criminal convictions, and to notify readers of any errors found in the book."

I Don't Care...

"I must respond to what you just heard. It's easy to call me Marine Le Pen, it's easy to call me National Front, it's easy to dismiss all of these things.  I don't care.  I don't care what people call me, I don't care what the press call me...

"Let me tell you what I do care about.

"On the train on the way down here today, I read an article about Sandwell in Birmingham, where over a five year period, more than 6,000 young British children were raped by grooming gangs in that small area of Birmingham.  6,000 children in a five year period.  I care about that.  And I care about the fact that we are STILL lying, we are still attacking people.  Look at what happened with Sarah Champion, the MP for Rotherham when she dared to speak up and tell a few harsh home truths...

"When she dared to speak, it, she was forced to resign from her job.  Soon afterwards, we had another Labour MP who retweets on Twitter that girls should shut up for the sake of diversity.  I care about this.  This is the rape of Britain's daughters, and the truth of the matter is that we have imported hell on earth, and that Europe is still importing hell on earth.  Thousands every day.

"I will not run away from this.  I will tell the truth, and I will stand up to the corrupt media who continues to smear and lie, and I will stand up to anyone - including in UKIP - who continues to smear and lie.

"This is the rape of your children.  Let's stand up and fight for them" [source].


Multiculturalism: The Rape of an Entire Nation

A reader's comment here.

"In a settled society with a common culture, rape is a direct assault on the home culture, and thus does not happen too often, as the rapist is punished, both legally and socially. In a multicultural society, and particularly one in which Islam is in the mix, rape is not just of an individual woman, but an assault on the honour and pride of another tribe. That is how Muslims see it, and we know this as they engage in 'honour' killings.

"In a genuine tribal society, such an assault would be avenged fairly quickly by violence and retaliatory rapes. Thus, to achieve some degree of stability in a multi-tribal (read multicultural) society, it requires that men of the tribe take direct action to protect their tribe by violence against an offending tribe.

"What we have now in the UK is the worst of all possible scenarios. We have Muslim immigrants who view women with contempt. Muslims also view rapes as an act of contempt on Infidel society (tribe). The rapist may be punished with a derisory sentence, but is held in respect within his own 'tribe'. Meanwhile, 'Men of the West' have been neutered by decades of feminist and socialist propaganda, thus making any retaliatory action well nigh impossible. Thus, all impediments to rape have been removed.

"What we have created is not just a rapist's paradise but the rape of an entire nation. Sweden has been the rape capital of Europe for at least ten years. Fjordman [also here and here] has been pointing this out for virtually the same time. In Britain, the systematic brutal gang rapes of young non-Muslim girls by Pakistani Muslims had been going on for decades. In all cases the police and political authorities knowingly ignored the cries of the victims.

"The news only broke when the EDL started to protest about the gang rapes of working class girls. The authorities' and media response was to besmirch the EDL as right wing Nazis, arrest Tommy Robinson, and 'kettle' EDL demonstrations. And as the news was now out, they admitted that they had kept quiet about the gang rapes because they didn't want to be perceived as 'racists'. This doesn't wash on any ground.

  • What sort of people are these media and authority types that willingly and knowingly ignored the cries and tears of young girls over decades?
  • And the claim that they didn't want to be perceived as 'racist' is a cowardly reason to give, that is, trying to hide their cowardice, and disgusting politically expedient behaviour behind what they believe will be perceived as a good cause of non-racism."