Providing QL-style windows, named procedures, different character sizes and fonts, sprites, as well as a stack of new commands. YS proudly presents MegaBasic - the amazing software sensation for the Spectrum. Mike Leaman.
Project 3 Revisited
Many of you came up with the correct solution to out 'bugged-up' fill routine - but hands up to those who understood it!. Penny Page.
Running Repairs
If you've ever lost data on a Microdrive cartridge, don't panic! We're on the way to solving all your problems, allowing you to examine those suspect sectors. Andrew Pennell.
Paging Your Spectrum
Ever thought of multi-tasking your Spectrum? With a simple modification to its innards, it's possible to expand the memory to 4096K! Yes, it's true - see inside for details ... Stephen Adams.
Your Spectrum

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Issue 8, October 1984
- contents -
The Language Barrier
Paper Data takes a look at books on programming languages in general, and Pascal in particular. Simon Goodwin.
Art for Art's Sake?
Graphic toolkits claim to turn the Spectrum into a 'true' artist. Find out whether these left the drawing board too soon ... Peter Freebrey.
Flying high in Vortex's Tornado Low Level. Don your flying suit and turn to our review and full hacker's guide. Ross Holman and Dave Nicholls.
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Frontlines 3 Catch up on the latest software and hardware items, as well as From the Hip, Rumbles, Sinclairwatch, QL Affairs and Hacking Away!
3" disk drives (Datafax & Thurnall)
Centronics & dual port joystick i/fs (Dk'Tronics)
CUB monitor for QL (Microvitec)
Datapen lightpen (Datapen Microtechnology)
Kappa keyboard (Kappa Keyboards)
RAT infrared joystick (Cheetah Marketing)
Reset switch (Computerworld)
The Backpacker's Guide to the Universe (Fantasy Software)
Curse of the Flying Pigmies (Abacus)
Eureka! (Domark)
The Great Space Race (Legend)
Terrahawks CRL
Blood distribution deal with Sinclair (Terry Blood Distribution)
The Edge is formed - Psytraxx, Starbike
Holographic s/w protection logo (Elite Systems)
Microdrive storage box (Transform)
Spectrum & QL News 6 Rumbles
Quest for Knowledge (Channel 8), Unnamed Mikro-Gen 'Treasure Island' game, Software Projects to convert Sierra On-Line games, Hustler (Bubble Bus).
8 SinclairWatch
QL and flat-screen TV in shops, 'Kludged' QL upgrades, Errors in QL User Guide, BBC drops QL, GST/OS for QL.
13 QL Affairs
Presented by Leon Heller, Chairman of the Independent QL Users Group (IQLUG). QL technical docs, QLUB newsletter, Using RGB colour monitor, Metacomco programming packages, Terminal emulation utility, UNIX on the QL.
Advice 5 Hacking Away
Welcome to our regular column for hacker's hints and tips. Poke some fun into your programs and write to Andrew Pennel ... Eskimo Eddie, Hunchback, Chuckie Egg, Manic Miner.
11 From the Hip
ZIP compiler delays, QL ROM versions, Copying SCREEN$ from high memory, Pokes to stop "Scroll?" message and to display available memory, Correction to Facing up to Printers (issue 6).
Software Reviews 59 Joystick Jury
Giving the software verdict this month is the Saltcoats Computer Club. On the jury this month are Alex Entwhistle, Alan Grier and Alan Hunter - all members of the Saltcoats Computer Club. Meeting every Tuesday evening (7:10pm) at the Argyle Centre, Campbell Avenue. Contact Daniel Canavin on 0294 61173 if you'd like to join them.
Beaky and the Egg Snatchers(Fantasy Software)
Cavelon(Ocean Software)
Clever Clogs Star Trucker(Argus Press Software)
Dungeon Builder(Dream Software)
Les Flics(PSS)
Mr Wong's Loopy Laundry(Artic)
Mugsy(Melbourne House)
Space Command(Virgin Games)
Stuart Henry's Pop Quiz(Bellflower Software)
Temple of Vran(Incentive Software)
Turbo Chess(Kerian)
Worse Things Happen at Sea(Silversoft)
36 Art for Art's Sake
There are many graphics toolkits available on the market, each claiming to give the Spectrum the commands it needs to become a 'true' artist. Peter Freebrey finds out if they left the drawing board too soon ...
Computer Aided Designer (Dream Software)
Drawmaster (Campbell Systems)
Melbourne Draw (Melbourne House)
Paintbox (Print 'n' Plotter Products)
Software Features43 TLL: Tornado Low Level
YS announces the last call for flight TLL. Your captains are Ross Holman and Dave Nicholls. We hope you have a smooth flight ...
47 TLL: Hacker's Guide
Dave Nicholls, software champ, hacks into TLL and comes up with some interesting observations.
Hardware Features 22 Paging on Your Spectrum
Hearing that the QL could multi-task was the straw that broke Stephen Adams' creative back. Find out how he's able to offer users the potential of a 4096K Spectrum.
70 Running Repairs
Hands up those who've lost files on a Microdrive cartridge. Well, for goodness sake, don't throw it away because Andrew Pennell's beginning to solve the problem. Presented here is a way of examining and printing up the suspect sectors ... and there's more to come.
Programming 31 Spectrolysis: Turtle Turning
Ian Beardsmore tackles the turtle graphics of Logo, exploding a few myths along the way. Logo has only just been made available on the Spectrum. Ian Beardsmore tackles the basics of the language, exploding myths along the way ...
50 MegaBasic
Announcing ... the ultimate software sensation - Mike Leaman's MegaBasic - a completely new concept in Spectrum programming. Discover the delights of QL-stlye windows, sprites galore, stunning sound effects, single letter entry, named procedures ... and much, much more!!
(letter), (letter), (letter)
56 Spectrum Control: Project 3 Revisited
Pouncing on the postbags, Penny Page reports back on your solutions to Project 3. Some of you may have come up with the correct answers ... but hands up those who understood it!.
Reader's Programs 78 Program Power
Arcade action all the way with this month's offering from Mark Roberts - a 100 per cent machine code game called Stampabout. YS proudly presents Stampabout - arcade action in 100 per cent machine code!
Books 11,13 Frontlines
The Micro Manual
Good Programming with QL SuperBasic (Longmans)
33 Paper Data: The Language Barrier
The catalogue of programming languages you can run on the Spectrum is growing steadily ... already it includes Pascal, Logo, Prolog, and countless versions of Basic and Forth. Mr Zip himself, Simon Goodwin, looks at an overall guide to computer languages and two texts on Pascal.
Learn Pascal on Your Basic Micro (Interface)
Pascal for Micros (Newnes Technical Books)
Programming Languages for Micros (Newnes Technical Books)
Interviews 88 Mark Eyles (Quicksilva)
Sue Denham tackles Quicksilva's Mark Eyles and comes up with some interesting insights into the philosophy of selling software. Sue Denham discusses the show-biz world of software production with part-time philosopher Mark Eyles, Quicksilva's Creative Design Executive.
Competitions 57 Professor Brainstawm's Krazy Krosswords
Prof. Brainstawm's back ... with software to be won in his krazy kompetition.
Odds & Ends 15 The YS Top 20
October's fave raves - all your software favourites charted for success.
17 Forum
Postbag petulance, hints and tips, and software solutions. Write on! Is there something you're not telling us?
Digging One's Own Grave(Chrus Hall)
Cut Price Store(K J Wheeler)
Dilated Dumps(Nick Lytton)
Who's a Clever Boy?(David Fox)
On Error Go To ...(Don Smith)
A Miner Key?(Matthew Paul & Mark Freeman)
Graphic Explanations(David Roberts)
Casio Questions(Dale Gregory)
Crazy for Code(J P Barker)
Nocturnal Adventures(Neil Mackintosh)
Support on Spec(S Rouse)
Pull the Other One!
85 Input/Output
Classify your ads for free. Sell it, swop it, or just make some new friends - it's up to you!