Welcome to the Wales Made Craft Network.

On this site you will find many and varied crafts from Wales based makers
who like to provide for that product or gift with a difference.
Wales Made Craft Network is run by the members as a marketing initiative.
Contact Point: Roy Phillips of   www.lovespoons.biz
Pick from the list a category of your interest which will take you to a page of craft workers in that particular field.

A brief description of their work, with images, is shown along with links to the craft workers web site and or other contact details.
If you have problems contacting any of the members please E-mail: Roy at  aberarthcrafts@globalnet.co.uk and we will endeavour to get a message to them.

Wales Made Artists
Embroidered Bedlinen
Wales Made Bedlin & Soft Furnishing

Wales Made Blacksmiths
Box Makers
Wales Made Box Makers
Candle Makers
Wales Made Candle Makers
Red GT Bed
Wales Made Children's Theme Beds

China and Porcelain
Wales Made China & Porcelain

Wales Made Embroiderers
Folk Art
Wales Made Folk Art
Wales Made Fairies and fairy Doors
Furniture Makers
Wales Made Furniture Makers

Wales Made Decorated Egg Makers

Ornamental Glass Workers
Wales Made Ornamental Glass Workers

Greeting Card Makers
Wales Made Greeting Card Makers
Hand Made Soap Makers
Wales Made Soap Makers

Hat Makers
Wales Made Hat Makers
Handbag Makers
Wales Made Handbag Makers

Home Furnishers
Wales Made Home Furnishers
Wales Made Jewellers

Wales Made Knitwear & wool
Lovespoon Carvers
Wales Made Lovespoon Carvers

Novelty Clock Makers
Wales Made Novelty Clock Makers

Painted Furniture
Wales Made Painted Furniture

Painted Pots
Wales Made Painted Pots
Personalised Mugs
Wales Made Personalised Mugs
Wales Made Photographers

Wales Made Ceramics

Wales Made Pyrographers
Wales Made Quilters
Wales Made Sculptors
Teddy Bear Makers
Wales Made Teddy Bear Makers
Sign Makers
Wales Made Sign Makers
Textile Artists
Wales Made Textile Artists
Toy Makers
Wales Made Toy Makers

Wedding Favours
Wales Made Wedding Favours
Wood Turners
Wales Made Wood Turners
Welsh Shop
Welsh Shop

Wales Craft Council

Wales Craft Council
Wales Made Craft Network

Wales Made Craft Network
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Membership of the Wales Made Craft Network is open to craft workers who are based in Wales.
If you would like to be considered for membership please send your details to Roy at aberarthcrafts@globalnet.co.uk

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