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Issue 42 INDEX
July 2005

Resettlement of Offenders Father Jim McCartney meets with the Foreign Secretary
New Development Programme The opening of a new unit for Post Rehab service users.
Tsunami Fundraising Sponsored wheelchair push raises £2,000
From Prison to Rehab Steven came to THOMAS from Burnley Crown Court
I Intend to build a New Life Howard has been on drugs for 10 years
I was smoking dope when I was 12 years old 23 year old Jamie shares his story with edges
Teenage Promiscuity Life the UK's leading pro-life charity speaks to Edges
Teenage Britain Sexually Active An article by Ann Slater, assistant editor of Edges
Policy of Promiscuity An article by David Halford of David's Daily Diversions
Night Clubbing & Drinking led to Cocaine Mark is now in the Thomas rehab. unit
Parenting Troubled Teens From Teen Trouble Directory
Sex has become the new religion Lizzie is a grandmother, she speaks to Edges
Poems by Catherine Hunter Poems entitled Pack your bags and leave and My little girl
Poems by David Grant & Sean David is an inmate in Parkhurst Prison and Sean is a recovering addict
What is Methadone? Edges is grateful to the National Treatment Agency for this information
A Levels & Drugs Helen is in the THOMAS floating Support Unit
I have had enough of Prison Howard first went to prison around the age of 22
Tsunami The day the World stood still and watched with horror
I came to THOMAS from the streets Billy has been addicted to heroin for the last 10 years of his life
Born into Addiction Damian's mum and dad were on heroin before he was born

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