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This is one of those places where the news, views and tips can be found. It's aimed at Open University (UK) students and anyone else who wants information about Distance Learning, HTML, the OU and stuff.
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This is not an "official" OU site and should not be used in preference to any course materials.

Please take a moment to so that I can add elements to the site that are of value. Let me know what the site needs to include or any elements that don't work. The site changes slowly over time and some sections haven't been updated for a while so please let me know if you find a dusty bit that looks unloved.
Check this out! This is the study skills section of the OU site - some great stuff.
If you are interested in some more stuff about HTML and CSS and some JavaScript check out this site. 
I've put together some resources about online learning - here is the link.

Site overview - The site is split into a series of separate sections. Hold the cursor over a link for a brief description of the linked area. In some ways the Sections are not really logical and when time permits I will sort them out. The HTML sub-section has probably got the most information so make sure you don't miss it! The site map links to most pages too so you can use that for navigation.

Tutor Marked Assignments are the way that course work is assessed and a strategy for completing them can help take some of the strain out of this task. I've put together some ideas that might help. Follow this link! Hold the cursor over nodes for information and click on the pencil for a text version - there are no navigation links on these pages so use your browser 'back' button.

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This is not an official OU site - please refer to the course material in the first instance or in the event of any contradictions. Material on this site has been written by a group of people - wherever possible the author has been attributed.

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