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Rubberneck 29 - Peter Hammill; Beñat Achiary; Ossatura; Leonid Soybelman; Andrew Clare; Silent Explorers - Frank Hurley and Yervant Gianikian & Angela Ricci Lucchi


Rubberneck 28 - Barry Guy/London Jazz Composers Orchestra; Vladimir Miller/Moscow Composers Orchestra; Simon H Fell (pt 4); Martin Klapper; Carlo Gesualdo; Brothers Quay


Rubberneck 27 - 5uu's; Raymond Strid; John Butcher; Roger Smith; Miklós Rózsa


Rubberneck 26 - Pierre Favre; Rova Saxophone Quartet; Johannes Bergmark; Sakis Papadimitriou; Phil Durrant; Catherine Deneuve


Rubberneck 25 - Special Issues

Rubberneck 24 - Annick Nozati; Gary Smith; Alva; Dallas Simpson; Simon H Fell (pt 3); Robert Ashley; Ladislaw Starewicz


Rubberneck 23 - King Crimson; Joe Maneri; Max Eastley; David Jackson; Comus; Benjamin Christensen


Rubberneck 22 - B-Shops For The Poor; Elton Dean; Hal Rammel; Hugh Davies; Third Ear Band; Jean Painlevé


Rubberneck 21 - Special Issues

Rubberneck 20 - Biota; Tim Hodgkinson; Green Room; Doctor Nerve; Lol Coxhill; Walerian Borowczyk


Rubberneck 19 - Special Issues


Rubberneck 18 - John Stevens; Emily Bezar; Jin Hi Kim & Joseph Celli; Howard Riley; Victor Sjöström


Rubberneck 17 - Michel Doneda; Jim Denley; Philipp Wachsmann; Simon H Fell (pt 2)


Rubberneck 16 - Hans Reichel; Martin Archer; Chris Burn; Frank Zappa; Gentle Giant; FW Murnau


Rubberneck 15 - Sun Ra; John Russell; Pat Thomas; Simon H Fell (pt 1); Clive Bell


Rubberneck 14 - Fiction Issue #1 - Jamie Muir; Lawrence Upton; Chris Blackford


Rubberneck 13 - David Moss; Sylvia Hallett; John Butcher; Jean Cocteau


Rubberneck 12 - Alfred 23 Harth; Conspiracy; New Music from Russia; Soviet Cinema


Rubberneck 10/11 - Peter Hammill; Jamie Muir; Stephan Micus; Improview; Videophile; Prime Cuts


Rubberneck 9 - Company issue - Derek Bailey; Vanessa Mackness; Yves Robert; Alexander Balanescu; Paul Lovens; Pat Thomas - OUT OF PRINT


Rubberneck 8 - Paul Rogers; Fred Thelonious Baker; Pier Paolo Pasolini; Fiction


Rubberneck 7 - Jon Hassell; John Cooper Clarke; Sudan Diary; Fiction


Rubberneck 6 - Jan Garbarek; John Herbert; 'Phil Ochs & Elvis Presley' (by Chris Cutler); Fiction


Rubberneck 5 - Evan Parker; John Surman; Iain Banks; Chris Cutler - OUT OF PRINT


Rubberneck 4 - The Fall; Stan Tracey (pt 2); Michael Nyman; That Petrol Emotion

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