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Hi! and welcome to my pages dediated to roleplaying in the worlds of Michael Moorcock . Roleplaying has been massively influenced by MM, the whole concept of Law versus Chaos, of multiverses and of so much more came from the works of Moorcock. As an anarchic and imaginitive counterpoint to the twee worlds of Tolkien copied elves and hobbits (oops, I do apologise, halflings) the influence of MM has put some fantasy and excitement into the hobby.

Following the withdrawal of the MM gods from the early TSR publication Deities and Demigods, Moorcock's work has always been officially represented in the roleplaying games of Chaosium, firstly in Stormbringer, then Hawkmoon and now Elric!. These pages and the mailing list associated with them tend to concentrate on Chaosium games, but I am very interested in how people build the influences of Moorcock into their games with whatever system.

Over the years several maling lists have carried material about the Chaosium games and roleplaying in the worlds of Michael Moorcock. Here we have collected as many as we can find and present them for your use in your games.

I thanks all the members of the old stormbringer mailing list, the eternal champion list and the various chaosium mailing lists for the material here. Patricio Gonzalez did a great job of collecting and keeping them all. I have not been able to check with every poster that they still want it in the public domain, so thank you one and all.

Review: Stormbringer rpg Review: Bronze Grimoire
Spells: Poizat Spells Spells: Sorcery
Spells: Impale Spells: Stefan's Grimoire
Spells: Awaken Chaos Spells: A Melnibonean Grimoire
Magic: Eastern Kingdoms Magic: Enchantments
NPCs: Web of NPCs NPCs:Patron of Law
NPCs:Patron of Chaos NPCs:Patron of the Balance
Background: World of Koptu Background: Erekose: The Original Eternal Champion
Background: Theril Background: Foreigners in the Dreaming City
Item: Hymnsinger Item: Slark the Maleficient
Items: Cup and Arrows Items: The Ring and the Songbird
Scenario: Mister 44 Scenario:
Scenario: Prince of Ruins Encounter: Ship of Dead
Encounter: House of Dreams Encounter: To Uphold The Law
Rules: Passions Rules: Plants
Rules: Backgrounds for Character Creation Rules: Point Based Character Creation
Rules: Unknown East Magic Variants Rules: Melnibone Errata
Reviews: Terhali's Reviews Archive: Patricio's Elric! Archive
Site: Book of Brilliant Things Site: Multiverse.Org

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