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April/May 1999

Editorial Father Jim introduces issue 17 or Edges
James & Neils stories James, 18, and Neil, 20, share their experiences with us
Involving young people A selection of young people involved with THOMAS and Edges in various ways
Understanding the British Muslim Talha Wadee is the Director of the Lancashire Council of Mosques - he shares his thoughts with us
Islam and Addiction Rafiq from Bangkok in Thailand uses Edges to express his views on Islam and addiction

Graham sells the Big Issue in St Ives Cornwall . His poetry has been acknowledged on radio and television. He recently made contact with Edges Magazine.
My life is miserable with depression Paul from Manchester speaks to us about his depression
Men also get bullied Richard works as a counsellor with men in the North West.
Youth Culture A mother's perspective by Anne Slater
Scottish Stephen moving on Stephen shares his experiences with us
The Streets of London Vincent sells the Big Issue outside Westminster Cathedral
Epilepsey & Homelessness A personal experience of Birmingham and London
Priest working with the destitute Father John Concannon, a Vincent De Paul Priest, working with the homeless people in London
They died without a home We ask for your prayers for the people who died without a home
I never asked to be gay James, a public relations officer from the South East of England,, speaks out about his experiences
My grandson breaks into my flat We listen to a pensioner share her fears
Bishop Reflects Bishop Brain, Bishop of Salford, shares his thoughts with us
I left home when I was 16 Terry, who suffers from epilepsy, tells of his problems
An arsonist at the age of 10 DJ came to us for help, this is his story
I don't need drugs anymore Steve is no longer a client, he is now one of our staff.
Beggars can't be choosers - why not? Elaine Kennedy poses this thought provoking question
An addicts relapse We continue to help Simon as we try to help him stay off drugs
Just out of prision Michael appeared in Edges a few years ago, he tells us of hisexperiences since then
Priests can also be fractured by life Father John Michael Hanvey explains that St Anne's house is also there for priests who have been fractured by life.
Youth lost through social exclusion
Our conference report from last November is now available. It is a seventy page document examining the problems young people face being excluded in society. It gives a detailed view from the statutory and voluntary agencies, including the metropolitan police.

It is available from the Edges Office.

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