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*** Team Expert for the Chaos Crew 'Muncher' 2000 and the Megalomaniacs 'Car Crusher' 2000 ***

*** Episode consultant for Scrapheap Challenge 2002, 2003, 2004 ***  

***Team Leader for Motor Morphers 2012-2013 ***


Steve G with the Chaos Crew

Steve G with the Megalomaniacs




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Steve G Scrapheap Challenge

All related websites being operated under 'Steve G - Television Engineering' are under.


Site last edited/updated on 10th December 2014

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30th October 2012   ............... Scrapheap Challenge now relocated, as Motor Morphers begins

Due to an ever increasing amount of dead third-party external links the complete Scrapheap Challenge webpages have now been relocated to the Chronological History section.

Steve G (aka myself) is now involved with a brand new engineering series from ITN Productions. The new show is NOT Scrapheap Challenge related and is titled 'Motor Morphers'.  The new four part series has now been filmed and is presently in the editing stage.  It is anticipated to air on national mainstream UK television on Channel 5 around January 2013.

The NEW related website being operated under the 'Steve G Group' can be found at 

Steve G

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Scrapheap Challenge Chronological History

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SHC03 - History period September 2000 to August 2001  chrono3

SHC04 - History covering period September 2001 to March 2002  chrono4

SHC05 - History covering period April 2002 to December 2002  chrono5

SHC06 - History covering period January to December 2003  chrono6

SHC07 - History covering period January 2004 to June 2005  chrono7

SHC08 - History covering period (June) September 2005 to February 2007  chrono8

SHC09 - History  covering period March 2007 to December 2007  chrono9

SHC10 - History covering period January to December 2008  chrono10

SHC11 - the final year 2009  chrono11


Scrapheap Complete History Index

Scrapheap's Complete History - for a complete chronological history of Scrapheap Challenge click on this link




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 Scrapheap Challenge:

Scrapheap Challenge 2000 - UK series-3 This site details all the challenges for series-3 during 2000. You can follow the links and navigate to the details of the teams, experts and judges for the Demolition Challenge and the site was updated each week to reflect the programs as they were shown.

Scrapheap Challenge 2001 - UK series-4 All the 2001 series-4 Scrapheap challenge details on the archive Channel 4 site.

Scrapheap Challenge 2002 - UK series-5 This is the Channel 4 archive website for series-5, Scrapheap Challenge 2002.

Scrapheap Challenge 2003 - UK series-6 This is the Channel 4 website for the series-6 Scrapheap Challenge 2003.

Scrapheap Challenge 2004 - UK series-7 Scrapheap Challenge 2004. Once again I have the opportunity to be involved behind the scenes in the 'Off Road Rescue' episode.

Scrapheap Challenge 2005 - UK series-8 Scrapheap Challenge 2005.

Scrapheap Challenge 2006 - Scrapheap Challenge was not shown during 2006

Scrapheap Challenge 2007 - UK series-9 as shown April-June and October-December 2007

Scrapheap Challenge 2008 - UK series-10 as shown from April 2008

Scrapheap Challenge 2009 - UK series-11 from August 30th 2009   NEW !!!   NEW !!!   NEW !!!

Scrapheap Challenge chat forumChannel4 closed the 'Scrapheap Challenge' chat forum threads during December 2008 due to lack of interest.

The Chaos Crew's demolition 'Muncher' build and challenge day's
- This read the full blow-by-blow detailed account of events during the build and challenge of the incredible demolition 'Muncher'.

This is the Channel-4 webchat after the Megalomaniacs 'Car Crusher' Trans-Atlantic showdown - After the  Trans-Atlantic showdown on 17th December 2000, and shown again on  Christmas Day morning 2000, the Megalomaniacs, Steve G, and Brian Long for the USA team the Long Brothers all  took part in a live webchat for Channel-4.  Click on this link to read the full story.  

RDF Media, the makers of Scrapheap Challenge / Junkyard Wars / Scrappy Races - This great TV production company make a lot more programs than you might have thought ... read on.

Scrappy Races:

 Scrappy Races - The Steve G website - This is a link to my own Scrappy Races website.
Scrappy Races series-1 (2004) - The Official Website - This the official RDF / C4 website for Scrappy Races series-1where you can find all that important information from the viewpoint of the makers of the program.
Scrappy Races series-2 (2005) - The Official Website - This is the official RDF / C4 website for Scrappy Races series-2.
Scrappy Races Rally series-3 (2006) - The Official Website - This is the official RDF / C4 website for series-3.


Photo Gallery

Gallery 1 - SHC 2000 series-3, episode 1, Behind the Scene for the Demolition Muncher

Gallery 2 - SHC 2000 vs JYW 2000 Trans-Atlantic Challenge - Car Crusher

Gallery 3 - The UK film set is dismantled after completion of series 3 in 2000

Gallery 4 - Heapers Meet on Sat 22nd December 2001

Gallery 5 - SHC 2002 series-5, episode 10, Behind the Scene for Diggers

Gallery 6 - SHC 2003 series-6, episode 2, Behind the Scene for Bomb Disposal

Gallery 7 - SHC 2003 series-6, episode 3, Behind the Scene for Backpack Cars

Gallery 8 - SHC 2003 series-6, episode 5, Behind the Scene for Ice Racers

Gallery 9 - SHC 2003 series-6, episode 8, the Speedboats back on heap after the show

Gallery 10 - SHC 2003 series-6, episode 12, Behind the Scene for Grand Prix, the 2003 GRAND FINAL

Gallery 11 - SHC 2003 series-6, Christmas Special, The Cold War

Gallery 12 - SHC 2004 series-7, episode 4, Off Road Rescue


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