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Welcome. Rubberneck was founded in 1985 by its editor/publisher Chris Blackford, and is the longest-running experimental music magazine in Britain specialising in improvised musics (improv to its friends). Other genres covered include free jazz, experimental rock, electroacoustic, contemporary composition, plus a section concerned with film music. Contents typically consist of interviews, specially commissioned essays by leading musicians, CD reviews, book reviews, magazine listings, and a video review section devoted to non-mainstream film, including silent film and animation. From time to time, experimental fiction is also published. Happy reading!

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Editor/Publisher - Chris Blackford

Reviews Team - Chris Atton, Jim Barker, Catherine Blackford, Bruce Coates, Giuseppe Colli, John Eyles, Gus Garside, Fred Grand, Mark Greenaway, Brian Marley, Will Montgomery, Declan O'Driscoll, Gerard F Tierney

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"And that's my end, for man can wish no more, than so to write, as none e'er writ before." Rochester (1647-1680)

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