Ferris Jay

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Complementary Therapist - Energy Healer - Animal Communicator

Animal Communication

Animal communication provides us with an opportunity to hear and respond to the needs of our animals. This is a holistic approach to working with animals, using high sense perception to gain insight into the needs, emotions and mindset of our animal friends.

A two way communication session can be used to gain insight into issues such as behavioural problems, physical conditions and environmental factors that affect our animals.

During a session I will tune in to the animal, after receiving their permission, and I will check their general health, wellbeing and emotional state. I may also do some exercises with them to help restore balance and harmony and I may do an environmental check of their environment.

Issues that have responded well to communication sessions:

Animal communication is intended to work harmoniously alongside veterinary treatment and should not be considered as an alternative to it.

I prefer to carry out this work at a distance. With the name and a picture of my client I can easily connect with them from a distance, just as I do with distance healing. Especially with new clients this can put them at ease and it allows me to work with animals around the world.

I always start any animal work with a session of animal communication as this allows the animal to express their desired healing strategy. Following an initial session I am also happy to work with other modalities, such as reiki and flower essences.

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