Ferris Jay

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Complementary Therapist - Energy Healer - Animal Communicator

Speciality Work

Working with uncovering our deep longings using altar work.

During my time at BBSH I developed a passion for helping people to get in touch with their deep dreams and longings and supporting them to bring them out into the world. I found that working with altars as a focus for our longings and intention can be very enjoyable and effective. I specialised on developing a method for this as the subject for my final year thesis.

This work gives people an opportunity to connect for fully with the things that bring them joy in life. It can be used for any area of our lives where we have not created what we truly want. It is also a fabulous tool for affirming and appreciating what we have successfully created in our lives.

I am happy to offer individual sessions for this work, or group workshops.

Mixed modality sessions

I am happy to tailor sessions to the needs of the client and utilise a variety of therapies where appropriate i.e. aromatherapy and hands on healing. I can also teach breathing techniques and the use of affirmations and visualisations to help people address their issues.

In addition I can create a range of products for home use using essential oils and flower essences to further enhance health and well being.

Relaxation classes

I am also available to facilitate relaxation sessions. These are beneficial to anyone who finds it hard to relax or suffers from stress. Finding regular time to learn and practice relaxation techniques gives clients the confidence to apply the techniques in their home life also. I can facilitate one to one sessions or group classes. These will be tailored to the needs of the participants.