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Complementary Therapist - Energy Healer - Animal Communicator


Reiki is a simple form of hands on healing, developed in the 19th Century in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui. The word reiki translates as "universal life energy".

As a reiki practitioner I act as a channel through which the reiki energy flows. During a reiki treatment I will gently place my hands over the body of the client using a specific, non-intrusive, sequence of hand positions. This allows the reiki energy to flow through the energy field and the body of the client evenly, balancing and re-charging on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

Reiki energy naturally flows to the places where it is most needed, thus helping to stimulate and support the client’s own healing abilities.

The benefits of reiki healing can include deep relaxation, accelerated healing, increased vitality, emotional balancing and improved creativity and personal development. Reiki is said to work for the "highest good" of the individual. Thus, reiki may not always offer a cure for a specific ailment. However, most people find treatments beneficial and enjoyable.

Reiki is safe and complementary to other forms of healthcare.

This is a very gentle mode of healing that is carried out with the client fully clothed and covered with a towel for warmth.

Prior to the initial treatment a confidential health and lifestyle consultation will be carried out. A reiki treatment session will last for 1 hour.

Reiki sessions can be carried out at my practice or at a distance. Please refer to the section on distant healing for further details.

Prices available on application