Ferris Jay

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Complementary Therapist - Energy Healer - Animal Communicator

Brennan Healing Science

In June 2005 I graduated from a 4 year course at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH) in Florida, run by renowned healer and physicist Dr. Barbara Brennan. It is with great pleasure that I now offer my services as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner.

Brennan Healing Science is an in depth system of healing that combines hands on healing techniques with psychodynamic processes, personal and spiritual development.

With this work I act as a facilitator to support my client through their healing journey. This may take many forms, as we are all unique, and no two sessions are even quite the same.

Within this work we can help to address the client's issues on all levels of the human energy consciousness system including the physical body, energy field, intentionality, emotions and thought processes. This can involve hands on healing to clear and balance the body and energy field; working with thought processes and belief systems to recognise and clear limiting thought patterns and working with intentionality.

Clients may come for many reasons and I intend to support them to the best of my abilities with love and compassion and without judgement.

The initial session will last for approximately 90 minutes to allow for a 30 minute confidential consultation, in order for me to better understand your medical history, general wellbeing and lifestyle. All other sessions last for 60 minutes.

This work can be carried out in person, at my healing practice, or at a distance. Please see the section entitled "distance work" for further details.

Prices available on application