Joystick Interface DIY
Adding Sinclair-type 'sticks to the buffer shown in YS1 - details from Stephen Adams.
Synthesiser Control
Sam and Simon Goodwin wire up their Speccy to a Casio VL-1, with some surprising results!
Adding Zip - part two
Simon Goodwin pours out the complete listing of his ZIP Compiler.
Dumps of Distinction
A natty screen dump from Andrew Pennell that simulates colour with shading.
3D Plotting - part two
Damir Skrgatic puts symmetrical figures into perspective on the Spectrum.
QL User
Quentin Lowe finally gets a chance to take the QL for a spin - on a day trip around Cambridge. Take a look at its power, precision and performace.
Your Spectrum
& QL User

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Issue 4, June 1984
- contents -
Your Flexible Friends
Stephen Adams explores two ways of going floppy on the Spectrum - with the FDI and Viscount drives.
Jet Set Willy
The complete room plan for Matthew Smith's latest thriller, plus playing tips from Sue Denham and dirty tricks from Hacker Pennell.
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Frontlines 5 Control Centre of the Spectrum universe - hard facts, soft speculation and Projects.
Interface motherboard (Electronic & Computer Workshop)
MicroSlot (Currah)
Ram Turbo interface (Ram Electronics)
Standard resolution composite monitor (Compuser)
USP-PROT interface (U-Microcomputers)
AC Linear Circuit Analysis (Number One Systems)
Cut Your Heating Bills (Brane Software)
Forest map (Phipps Associates)
Games for Girls (CCS)
HI-T Spectrum Screen Enhancer (Timedata)
Lords of Midnight, Psytron, Spellbound (Beyond Software)
Olympics '84 (Storm Software)
ROM cartridge games (Parker)
Earl's Court Computer Fair
Websters distribution deal with Sinclair (Websters Software)
Spectrum & QL News 11 SinclairWatch
QL delivery problems
58 Rumbles
Durrel attacked over violence; nothing from Quicksilva; Rabbit's in The Pit; Carnell's adventure plans. Ron Smith reports. Westminster (Mr Chip Software), Wrath of Magra (Carnell Software), Harrier Attack (Durrel Software), Channel 8 Software, Quicksilva, The Pit / Vortex (Rabbit Software)
Software Reviews 52 Spectrum Soft
Thanks to the Bangor Computer Club for judging this month's batch of 'newie' games. Your Spectrum is continuing to scour the country's computer clubs to get the undiluted thoughts, feelings and impressions of dedicated games enthusiasts - in order to provide our readers with unbiased evaluations.
3D Seiddab Attack(Hewson Consultants)80%
The Adventures of St Bernard(Carnell Software)70%
Bear Bovver(Artic Computing)86%
Car Journey(Heinemann)66%
Devil Rides In(Carnell Software)73%
Eskimo Eddie(Ocean Software)83%
Ghost Town(Virgin Games)53%
Hard Cheese(DK'Tronics)80%
Killer Knight(Phipps Associates)70%
Micro Drivin'(Softel)none
Rider(Virgin Games)56%
War 70(CCS)73%
Software Features 60 Join the Jet Set
Keeping one jump ahead of the software market seems to come naturally to author of Jet Set Willy, Matthew Smith. Sue Denham checks out his follow-up to Manic Miner, where Miner Willy hits the big time.
(letter), (letter)
62 JSW - A Hacker's Guide
If you always type MERGE "" whenever you load a game for the first time, then you can count yourself amongst that select programming group known as 'hackers'. Join Andrew Pennell on a journey through the machine code magic that comprises Jet Set Willy.
Hardware Features 25 Joystick Interface DIY
In our first issue, Stephen Adams presented his recipe for a DIY Speccy keyboard buffer. This month, under the guise of further expansion, he details how you can add Sinclair-type joysticks to the board.
26 Spectrolysis: When the Chips are Down
Ian Beardsmore mulls over adding RAM chip select and suggests what to do with your Stack Error Pointer. YS's own reader-interactive workshop. Theory, philosophy, bugs and fixes - all is controlled and compiled by Speccy specialist Ian Beardsmore.
29 Music on Spec
Sweet sounds and Spectrums aren't usually words uttered in the same breath! However, the program shown here, courtesy of Sam & Simon Goodwin, allows you to connect any Spectrum to the light-pen port of a Casio synthesiser, giving you a versatile new peripheral.
33 Your Flexible Friend
Two disk arrangements, based on completely different ideas, have been available for use on the ZX Spectrum for some time now. Stephen Adams compares and contrasts the Viscount interface and drive from Spectrum Computer Stores and the FDI interface from Technology Research Ltd.
Programming 21 Routine Stuff: Through the Square Window
For arcade addicts - window on a maze. More magic code from elle supremo, Toni Baker. Lose yourself in machine code with the maestro herself. Toni Baker takes you one step nearer creating the perfect arcade game with another riotous routine.
46 Adding Zip - part two
Moving on from the specification of his ZIP compiler, Simon Goodwin's back this month with the complete listing of the program along with explanatory notes of how it was written.
55 Dumps of Distinction
Frustrated at producing tiny screen dumps on your full-sized printer? So was Andrew Pennell - until he developed this clever little machine code utility, that is!
(letter), (letter), (letter), (letter), (letter), (letter), (letter), (letter)
70 3D Plotting - part two
Continuing on his quest to make perspective a reality on the Spectrum, Damir Skrgatic tackles the subject of symmetrical figures generated through the application of speherical co-ordinates.
75 Spectrum Control
Project 3 - Penny Page invites you to bend your brain cells around a rather psychedelic problem.
Project 1 revisited - Sifting through your responses to Project 1, Penny Page comes up with the good, the bad ... and the ugh!
Reader's Programs 78 Program Power
The name's changed but the game's the same - the YS annotated key-tapping service. If you've forgotten where a program is supposed to start then the Header Reader from Alexander Livshits will help you find it. Also if you're a fan of Noughts and Crosses, bend your mind with this version from Mark Burton.
Books 6,7 Frontlines
40 Best Machine Code Routines for the Spectrum (Hewson Consultants)
A Guide to Playing The Hobbit (Melbourne House)
67 Paperdata: Novel Adventures
Peter Jackson - our 'Attenborough' of Speccy derring-do - looks at some adventure programming books. Obsessed by adventure, Peter Jackson girds his loins and boldly goes where few reviewers have gone before - to the shelves of the local bookstore. His mission? To discover what goes to make a prime adventure tutor for the Speccy.
Computer & Video Games Book of Adventure (Melbourne House)
Creating Adventure Programs on Your Computer (Interface)
Creating Adventure Programs on the ZX Spectrum (Interface)
Exploring Adventures on the Spectrum 48k (Duckworth)
Spectrum Adventures (Sunshine Books)
Interviews 88 Bruce Everiss (Imagine)
Paul Walton tackles Imagine - with the assent of Everiss. Controversy surrounds Imagine Software - love 'em or hate 'em, you can't ignore 'em. Paul Walton rattles some skeletons in the company of Bruce Everiss.
Odds & Ends 15 YS Top 20
This month's chart as voted by you the readers.
17 Forum
Points, programs and petulance, from the postbag. If you've got something you want to tell the world about then write to Forum.
SoftROM Corrections(P Giblin)
Incompatible LPRINT(David Leekie)
Ant Attacks(Andrew Hatton)
Pardon the Plug(Boris Allen)
Better Sound & Vision(NE Salt)
A PEEK Behind(Captain Critical)
Standard Confusion(Jon Ritman)
Printing Problems(Steve Brokenshire)
Nurd of the Month(L Vilfan)
Gilding the Lily(Dermot Connelly)
Important Input Ports
(Mike Minchin)
QL User 39 Steering to Success: The QL Roadtest
The sordid practice of pre-announcement has again gripped our hearts, and Sinclair are once more laughing all the way to Fort Knox. But to keep the interest ticking over during The Big Wait our ever-smiling micro Guru stuffed a company Mercedes full of eager journalists and whisked them over to Cambridge for a day's play with a QL. Quentin Lowe tells the tale.