Site History

This site was created in October 1998.

For many reasons there were no updates 2003-6.

1st September 2002 BARNES page updated to include details about descendants of siblings of ancestors. BANKS page introduced. Mine were at Keymer, West Sussex from 1769.
31st August 2002 The final thirteen surname pages updated with references to direct ancestors in bold.
25th August 2002 WELLS and DENNETT pages updated to include more about the descendants of ancestors' siblings. As the Dennett line is known back to 1588 there are lots of extra names.
3rd August 2002 More co-descendants added to Sussex JARVIS page. First update since computer was broken for seven weeks!!
19th May 2002 Ten more surname pages updated with references to direct ancestors now in bold.
11th May 2002 Seven surname pages updated - details about descendants of siblings of ancestors added and references to direct ancestors now in bold.
7th April 2002 NEAL page updated, several new contacts have provided extra information and I also tracked the fate of an ancestor's twin sister.
21st October 2001 DYBALL page updated, many clues to the fate of 15 of my grandmother's 17 siblings have been discovered. All county pages now include first names as well as surnames of known ancestors.
6th October 2001 Extra family details added to BATCHELOR, DENNETT and KENNARD pages. Wife of Francis DURRANT identified as Lettice HARMER.
29th September 2001 More useful links added to many pages, especially those for Norfolk and Kent.
15th July 2001 Huge success in finding an 'invisible' COMBER marriage, resulting in four new ancestral surnames, BANKS, GILLAM, SHARLEY and SHEPHERD being added to the Sussex page.
18th March 2001 Major updates to COMBER and KENNARD pages.
30th December 2000 Brief details of two more ancestral surnames HOWICK and LONGHURST added to Sussex page.
3rd December 2000 LANGLEY page added. Mine were at Sutton, West Sussex 1635-1784. Also added extra details for several of my Sussex surnames.
12th November 2000 Link to new Sussex-Plus mailing list website featuring hints for research and effective use of mailing lists as well as joining instructions. Also, the Kent 'Record Offices' URLs have changed again.
3rd September 2000 Minor additions and corrections to three pages. Link to very useful old maps site added to links on Welcome page.
8th July 2000 Updated links on the Kent page for the Kent 'Record Offices' which have recently changed their URLs.
24th June 2000 Added extra links to interesting Norfolk and Sussex websites. Amended links to sites that have moved.
7th May 2000 Added extra proof of my KENNARD ancestry.
30th April 2000 Added photo of my great-grandfather Edward OLLIVER and his WW1 colleagues.
23rd April 2000 OSBORNE page added. Mine were in Mid Sussex up to 1774.
15th April 2000 Ancestry page added for my 17th century FITNESSes and DURRANTs.
8th April 2000 Extra layer of ancestry added to HENLEY and HOGBEN pages. Various wives' surnames added to descriptions of co-descendant families on several other pages.
5th February 2000 Minor corrections to several pages. Links added to the end of Welcome page for my other hobby web pages.
29th January 2000 Link for new Open-to-all Kent Surnames Interests page added to Kent page.
16th January 2000 Updated and added extra URLs to Buckinghamshire, Kent and Surrey pages.
2nd October 1999 Extra links added to Welcome page - two are useful for beginners. Updated URLs for links that have moved.
31st July 1999 Extra layer added to my DYBALL ancestry. Link to PBN Publications added to Sussex page.
11th July 1999 More pictures added to several pages (DOWNER, HOGBEN). WOOLGAR e-mail contact address added to Sussex page.
19th June 1999  Minor corrections to three pages.
13th June 1999  Ancestral Chart now features links to 15 extra charts for previous ancestors.
5th June 1999  E-mail contacts' addresses added, notably for BUNGARD One-Name Study.
29th May 1999  Details of more ancestral and many co-descendants' surnames added to county pages. Sussex-33, Kent-18, Norfolk-8, Bucks-5, Surrey-1.
23rd May 1999  Links to my Ancestral Chart added to all county and surname pages. Brief details of new ancestral surname (STEVENS) added to Sussex page.
16th May 1999  Brief details of 8 extra surnames added to Sussex page.
2nd May 1999  Brief details of 13 extra surnames added to Sussex page.
24th April 1999  Surrey page added plus links to it.
18th April 1999  WOOD page added plus minor corrections to county pages.
11th April 1999  More external links added to Welcome page and the county pages.
3rd April 1999  Corrections, minor additions and extra surname links added to all surname pages.
28th March 1999  Revised OLLIVER and VALDER ONS pages.
March 1999  Ten surname pages added for great-great-great-grandmothers. Ancestral Chart added listing all 32 great-great-great-grandparents (just about!).
February 1999  One-name study page added for BUNGARD. DOWNER (non-ancestral) surname page added.
January 1999  Eight surname pages added for great-great-grandmothers.
December 1998  One-name study pages added for STARKINGS and VALDER. Pictures added.
November 1998  Guestbook added. Four surname pages added for great-grandmothers. Navigation buttons added.
October 1998  Welcome page. Four county pages. Four surname pages for grandparents.
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