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Essential Oils

The Adulteration of Essential Oils - and the Consequences to Aromatherapy & Natural Perfumery Practice By Tony Burfield 13/10/03.

"Odour Profiling (of Essential Oils) and Subjectivity" - Being a synopsis of the talk given at the RQA's 12th Annual Conference Saturday, 9th March 2002 Regent's College Conference Centre, London. By Tony Burfield.

The Odour Perception of Essential Oils. By Tony Burfield  

A major new feature on CEDARWOOD OILS By Tony Burfield 08/09/03

Top Middle and Bottom Notes: The End of the Road for a Theory?

Essential oil quality and standards, with special reference to Mentha oils.
Copyright ©Alexandrov A.N. & Zinchenko A.A. October 2003.
Ukraine, Kharkov. (English language modifications carried out by T. Burfield & D. Archer).

Linalool-Containing Essential Oils: New Safe Use Proposal by Tony Burfield AIA UK & Sylla Sheppard-Hanger AIA July 2004.

Ravensara Oils: Adapted from an article in Aromatherapy Times 1(61), 12 (2004) by Tony Burfield. Sept 2004.

“Mosquitoes, malaria and essential oils” International J. of Aromatherapy (2005) Vol15(1), 30-41
by T. Burfield & S-L. Reekie 


Special Fragrant Journeys   India including photos from my  trip

Special Fragrant Journeys: Corsica A Fragrant Journey

Special Fragrant Journeys: Zanzibar: A Fragrant Journey

Special Fragrant Journeys: The Seychelles Fragrant Journey


RQA AGM 11th March 2001 London:  Safety address.

Safety Lecture: To Aromatherapy Organisations Council July 1999 London.

Opinion Document to the IFA: a Brief Safety Guidance on Essential Oils. By Tony Burfield 08/10/04

New Update on Allergens in Essential Oils. By Tony Burfield Revised 01/08/05

Notes on the Oxidation of Oils in Aromatherapy. Adapted from an article in Aromatherapy Today. By Tony Burfield 18/10/04

Risks from Bitter Orange Products (Citrus aurantium) By Tony Burfield 14/0705

Threatened Species

Unethical Use of Rare and Threatened Plant and Animal Products in the Aroma Industry. By Tony Burfield

Now UPDATED SPOTLIGHT ON THE TRADE IN WILD PLANTS Wildcrafted for Green (Gullible?) Customers By Chrissie Wildwood

CAMPAIGN UPDATE 20.10.02 By Chrissie Wildwood

"Conservation and Aromatherapy - Is there a problem?" by Dr. Keith Shawe

"Support for Aromatic Plants Threatened Species Campaign from George Monbiot" 12/09/03

Comments on a response from Chrissie Wildwood, over a letter from the Aromatherapy Trade Council (UK): By Tony Burfield 27/05/03

Substituting for Rosewood Oil Aniba rosaeodora var. amazonica Ducke – a look at other high linalol containing oils: By Tony Burfield & Sylla Sheppard-Hanger 28/08/03

A SHORT NOTE ON THE ECOLOGICAL STATUS OF CEDARWOOD ATLAS: Cedrus atlantica (Endl.) Carr. By Tony Burfield 05/01/05

Ambergris. [Modifed from a monograph in Natural Aromatic Materials – Odours and Origins by Tony Burfield pub. AIA Tampa, USA]. 01/03/05


The Occupation of Aromatherapist Recognised As A Profession In Official UK Government Statistics: By Kendra Kirkham

First International Phyto-Aromatic Conference, Nice, France (Mar 2000) Super Clone "88 " Melaleuca alternifolia - what is its value ? By Tony Burfield and Sylla Sheppard-Hanger

"The Fragrance of Bluebells". English Bluebells – Hyacinthoides non-scripta (L.) Chouard ex Rothm.; syn. Endymion non-scriptus (L.) Garcke. By Tony Burfield

Comment – So Trees Are Polluters? Huh? By Tony Burfield

A NEW DEAL FOR AROMTHERAPY (– I wish!) By Tony Burfield

The Genetic Engineering Nightmare Comes Closer By Tony Burfield

CHEMOPHOBIA Adapted from a forthcoming article for Aromatherapy Times (in press). By Tony Burfield


Cropwatch Issue 1. We would like to introduce the first bulletin of “Cropwatch” – an occasional bulletin focussing on various issues surrounding the status and exploitation of aromatic & medicinal crops. In this first issue we review and comment on some current news items which you may have missed... By Tony Burfield 26/01/04 

Cropwatch Issue 2. Australian Sandalwood Oil: A tale of spin and hype? By Tony Burfield and Chrissie Wildwood Feb 2004

Cropwatch Issue 3 Blue Cypress oil [Callitris intratropica Benth. et Hook f.] etc By Tony Burfield 10/05/04

Cropwatch 4. OPINION: The EU Biocidal Products Directive 98/8/EC and Essential Oils – The EU Machinery Gets It Wrong Again! By Tony Burfield.

Cropwatch 5. Threatened & Vulnerable Species: A List of Essential Oils Recommended by Cropwatch Not to Be Used in Aromatherapy. By Tony Burfield & Chrissie Wildwood Sept 2004.

Cropwatch 6. Rosewood Sustainability: Critical Assessment of the May & Barata Paper
By Tony Bufield Oct 2004.

Cropwatch 7 Threatened & Vulnerable Aromatic Species:A List of Essential Oils Recommended by Cropwatch Not to Be Used in Cosmetics/Perfumery. By Tony Burfield. Jan 2005



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