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Having completed two UK tours in support of their previous two singles and debut album the band switched its attention to the USA. I Will Follow was U2's first single release there and the band undertook a three month tour of the USA, releasing a US radio-only promo of the March 6th Boston show at The Paradise Theater entitled Two Sides Live and recording Fire at Compass Point Studio, Nassau at the end of it. Returning to Dublin they recorded their second album during the summer, again releasing the opening track - Gloria - as a single. October rode in on the wave of interest resulting from their higher chart profile.

"I Will Follow"

Tracks: I Will Follow, Out Of Control (Live)
Format: 7 inch single 7 inch single
Country of Origin: USA USA
Label: Island Island
Catalogue Number: IS49716 IS49716
Release date: March 1981 March 1981
Notes: With poster B-side recorded at Paradise Theater, Boston - reissued on the CD single Sweetest Thing.

"Two Sides Live"

Tracks: The Ocean, 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, Touch, An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart, Cry/The Electric Co., Things To Make And Do, Another Time, Another Place, Stories For Boys, Twilight, I Will Follow, Out Of Control, 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, The Ocean
Format: LP
Country of Origin: USA
Label: Island
Catalogue Number: WBMS117
Release date: 1981
Notes: Recorded live at Paradise Theater, Boston - complete concert.


Tracks: Fire, J Swallo Fire, J Swallo , 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (live), The Ocean (live), Cry - The Electric Co (live) Fire, J Swallo , 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (live), The Ocean (live)
Format: 7 inch single 7 inch double single 12 inch single
Country of Origin: UK UK Holland
Label: Island Island Island
Catalogue Number: WIP6679 UWIP6679 600.417
Release date: July 1981
Notes:   Live tracks recorded at Paradise Theater, Boston.
Highest UK Chart position: No.35

"Why weren't U2 bigger sooner?" people often wonder. The answer is of course that they kept putting out duff singles like this. "Fire"'s chart performance is arguably due to the free live single. This gave U2 their first chance to appear on the influential Top of The Pops. After which the single duly dropped. This success also caused the "Boy" album to enter the UK Top 100 album chart for four weeks, peaking at No. 55.


Tracks: Gloria Gloria, I Will Follow (live)
Format: 7 inch single
Country of Origin: UK Australia
Label: Island Festival Records
Catalogue Number: WIP6733DJ WIP6733 K8510
Release date:   October 1981  
Notes: One-sided DJ Promo featuring an edited version of "Gloria"
Highest UK Chart position: No.55

Now I don't know about you, but can you honestly look at the cover of this single without thinking "What the hell were they playing at?" 'Lean a couple of mirrors together and look at the album cover photo?' Was the creative team on holiday that week??


Tracks: Gloria, I Fall Down, I Threw A Brick Through A Window, Rejoice, Fire, Tomorrow, October, With A Shout (Jerusalem), Stranger In A Strange Land, Scarlet, Is That All?
Format: LP 1+1 Cassette 1+1 Cassette CD CD
Country of Origin: UK UK UK UK UK
Label: Island Island Island Island
Catalogue Number: ILP9680 ICT9680 ICT9680 CID111 IMCD223
Release date: October 1981
Notes:   In cigarrette box-style carton     Island Masters reissue, featuring higher quality paper inner and extra pictures taken from the vinyl album's original inner sleeve.
Highest UK Chart position: No.11




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