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U2 rested briefly at the beginning of the year before A Celebration was released. Their attention was then focussed on a string of European Festival dates through the summer. Holland received U2 particularly well and a live version of I Will Follow was released recorded at a Dutch television show. Towards the end of the year CBS Eire released a limited edition collection of four early singles titled 4 U2 Play.

"A Celebration"

Tracks: A Celebration, Trash Trampoline And The Party Girl A Celebration, Fire
Format: 7 inch single 7 inch single 7 inch single 7 inch single
Country of Origin: UK Eire Australia Japan
Label: Island CBS Island Island
Catalogue Number: WIP6770 CBS2214 K-8716 7S-69
Release date: March 1982
Notes:     Plain sleeve Includes lyric insert
Highest UK Chart position: No.47

Now this is more like it! Cool, enigmatic and... gives you a headache if you look at it for too long. Doubtless responsible for many a youngster throwing up while browsing the racks at Woolworth.

I Will Follow (Live)
Tracks: I Will Follow (live), Gloria
Format: 7 inch single 7 inch single
Country of Origin: Holland Germany
Label: Island Island
Catalogue Number: 104.525 104.525
Notes:   Reissued in Germany in 1985

A unique release featuring a live version of "I Will Follow" recorded in Holland on the A-side and a cover shot taken at Werchter.

"4 U2 Play"

4 U2 Play - four single pack, comprising:
U2 Three - CBS7951
Another Day/Twilight - CBS8306
11 O'Clock Tick Tock/Touch - SCBS8687
I Will Follow/Boy-Girl (live) - CBS9065

This set of black vinyl reissues each feature single colour orange paper labels. Released in 1982, the set was originally pressed on coloured vinyl, but there is little consistency in the colours used. There are subtle differences between the sleeves of the originals and the reissues. The main difference appears to be that the originals have the two-colour yellow/orange CBS paper label, but I have also seen purported reissues with the same.





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