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Having completed the tour in support of their last album, U2 embarked on a number of alternative projects, Bono contributing a featured vocal to the Sun City single, as well as a self-penned track - Silver And Gold - to the album while The Edge collaborated with Michael Brook on the Captive soundtrack, releasing the single Heroine - the original title of the film.

The band toured the USA on the Conspiracy Of Hope Tour in support of Amnesty International, returning hope to play the Self Aid festival in Dublin, from which the Live For Ireland album of live performances was released.

"Sun City"
Artists United Against Apartheid
Featuring Bono as featured vocalist on "Sun City" and Bono's version of "Silver And Gold"
Tracks: Sun City, Silver And Gold
Format: Cassette
Country of Origin: UK
Label: Manhattan Records
Catalogue Number: TC-MTL 1001
Release date:
Notes: Bono appears as featured artist on "Sun City"; "Silver And Gold" is the original solo version
Highest UK Chart position:

The Edge with Sinead O'Connor

Tracks: Heroine (Theme From 'Captive') (7" Version), Heroine (Mix II)
Format: 7" 12"
Country of Origin: UK
Label: Virgin
Catalogue Number: VS897 VS897-12
Release date:    
Notes: A-side remixed by Steve Lillywhite
Highest UK Chart position:  


"Captive OST"
The Edge

Tracks: Rowena's Theme, Heroine (Theme From 'Captive'), One Foot In Heaven, The Strange Party, Hiro's Theme I, Drift, The Dream Theme, Djinn, Island, Hiro's Theme (Reprise)
Format: LP CD
Country of Origin: UK
Label: Virgin
Catalogue Number: V 2401 CDV 2401
Release date:
Notes: 'Heroine' features Sinead O'Connor
Highest UK Chart position:


"Live For Ireland" by Various Artists
includes U2's "Maggie's Farm"
Tracks: Maggie's Farm
Format: LP
Country of Origin: UK
Label: MCA Records
Catalogue Number: MCG 6027
Release date:
Highest UK Chart position:




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