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Applied Science and Engineering
Close Range Photogrammetry and Machine Vision - new paperback edition just published
  Construction Disputes: Avoidance and Resolution
  Cores and Core Logging for Geologists
  Datums and Map Projections
  Digital Imaging
  Direct Electric Curing of Concrete
Durability of Structures - coming soon
  Everest – the Man and the Mountain
  Eminent Civil Engineers – Their 20th Century Life and Times
Handbook of Coatings for Concrete - coming soon
Learning from Construction Failures: Applied Forensic Engineering - coming soon
Manual of Aerial Survey - coming soon
  Maths for Map Makers
  Off-Site Fabrication: Prefabrication, Pre-assembly and Modularization
  Preparation for the Professional Reviews of the Institution of Civil Engineers
Principles and Practice of Testing in Construction - coming soon
  Roofs and Roofing: Design and Specification Handbook
Small Format Aerial Photography
Sprayed Concrete: Properties, Design and Application
  Supporting the City – The Influence of Engineering on Glasgow's Buildings
Terrain Modelling in Surveying and Civil Engineering
The Geological Interpretation of Well Logs, 2nd Edn
  The Principles of Thermal Sciences and their Application to Engineering
Topics in Environmental and Safety Aspects of Combustion Technology
General Books
  A High and Lonely Place, 2nd edition
A Light Walk
A Quiet Life
Across the Pond (formerly called Crossing the Pond)
Alone in the Wilderness, 2nd edition
Directory of Scotland’s Organisations
  Everest – the Man and the Mountain
  Footsteps in the West
  The George of Port Seton
Inventors and Engineers of Caithness
It Was Fun While It Lasted
Lost Sounds
  No More Paraffin-Oilers, 2nd edition - new larger format
No Port in a Storm - now in its second printing
Not Really What You'd Call a War
  One Cap Over The Windmill
Rock Lighthouses of Britain–the end of an Era? - now in its 4th printing
Sixpence for the Wind – a Knot of Nautical Folklore
Single Handed - coming soon
  Supporting the City – The Influence of Engineering on Glasgow's Buildings
Swein Asleifson–A Northern Pirate

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