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This site uses Dynamic HTML to achive the effects of a collapsable directory structure. The Blue text shows the expandable / collapsable sections, whilst the Hyperlinks are the usual colours with StyleSheet mouseover effects. If you did not have any idea what the site was like, then this gives a very good display of its lay out.

It MUST be stressed that this page HAS to be viewed through a HTML 4.0 compliant browser. It WILL NOT function on any other browser types. It works correctly on Internet Explorer 4.0 or above. This page has been tested on IE4.0 and IE5.0, 5.01. I can not guarantee that you will be able to use the features on this page to the fullest extent. This page DOES NOT work on Netscape as it has a really crap DHTML object handling system with very limited capabilites. So sorry... for the time being this looks like being an IE only page!

That said.... Go have Fun!


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